How to record individual parts in multi timbral mode from Virus TI2 to Logic X?

  • Hi all,

    Can you record each part of the Virus Ti2 in multi-timbral mode to separate audio and MIDI tracks in a DAW such as Logic X and Ableton Live 11? If so, how would I set this up? I'd love to record drum and bass tracks from Virus TI2 to individual tracks in my DAW. So let us say I have the following

    Part 1- kick

    Part 2- clap

    part 3- snare

    part 4- hi hat

    part 5- bass

    part 6- pad

    I have multi-timbral mode working on the Virus TI2 and want to record these individual tracks out to Logic X and have the Aura MI plugin software working fine in Logic X and audio levels on Virus.

    BUT when I record in Logic X, all 16 parts of the Virus TI2 are recorded to the audio tracks! How do I solve this? If there is a template example or video how to split the parts on the Virus to individual audio and MIDI tracks that would be greatly appreciated.

  • You would need a separate (analogue or digital) output for each sound. I never tried that, so I don’t know whether you could use 6 outputs (3 digital and 3 analogue) at the same time.

    I always record each part of each track individually, for two reasons:

    • When playing multiple sounds, note stealing, sloppy timing or sound degradation will occur. Once you know your Virus sounds good enough, you’ll hear it.
    • If timing issues arise, only one part of one track is ruined and has to be redone.

    Hope this helps.

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  • I’m going to try a few options and I have a 12 channel Zoom L12 mixer recorder that can also be an audio interface. I tried with USB and Aura plugin but that didn’t work out well. Ideally would like to use the Aura plugin with an audio interface to get best results. Worst case, I can record parts separately. I’m using Ableton Live 11 as my DAW so it’s pretty easy to do one at a time.