Any reason why there ist a stack function or chord memory?

  • Hi guys i know these have been asked for a lot in the past but i thought id ask if there was a physical reason with the synth why the virus couldn't have these features? Then i can put my mind at rest and stop thinking about it :wacko: Maybe Mark can shed some light on this for me.

    cheers Jamie

  • haha no worries thanks for the reply anyway. Can you say whether it is actually possible to do it though? that will do for me :whistling:

  • That is what I am wondering too. Is it possible on the Virus just not implemented, or there is a technical reason why it can't be done? There are little things here and there I would like added or changed on the Virus, but Chord and a 3rd envelope are the only major things I hope to see in the future.

  • no need for this feature on the ti- cubase and logic, maxmsp, u can make chord memorizers to do that for you

    yes, but in Logic is a PITA....., also logic and cubase have ARP too, that didnt stop the Access Virus of having its own I dont see the Chord request unecesary. :thumbup:

  • Yup your right there logics chord memoriser is way to complicated borderline ridiculous to use if you ask me thats why i never use it.

  • no need for this feature on the ti- cubase and logic, maxmsp, u can make chord memorizers to do that for you

    But you shouldn't have to launch a DAW to get to a simple performance feature like chords.

    The Andromeda also has this feature, and when I use its keyboard to control my Virus Desktop, the Virus plays chords :D


  • There is a lot of features on pure midi arena I wished to have - not just octaves or chord memory. Unfortunately midi processing seems to be very unpopular to developers...
    What about these:

    • Automatic voice spread: Play single notes with 4 voices (unisono), two notes with 2 voices and spread cord notes over just one voice. So leveling a sound would be much more "band like"
    • Harmonizing: play a chord in real time and harmonize the melody line with additional notes matching the tonal space of the cord.
    • Cord recognition and transposing a total midi stream through a NTT (note transposition table)?

    Many cool things live performers could use beyond octaves, cord memory or boring arpeggiators.