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    yes, I had to use another computer with either windows 10 or Mac OS X El Capitan and the virus control software to load patches into rom on the virus hardware. It’s a pain but the only way that I have been able to do this. I can load them into the ram banks on temporary basis with the aura mystery islands software.

    another option is the iPad touch app for virus. I’m using the aura mi on MacBook Ventura and now only use the virus firmware update on my older Mac. It’s sad that other synth makers like Waldorf update their hardware to use the latest Mac OS versions. Access Kemper is way too focused on the guitar amp profiler now.

    and your best bet is to use as a stand alone hardware synth or get the Aura Mystery Islands software that works on new Mac OS X versions. That’s what I did and much happier. Even when I got the TI software working on Mac OS El Capitan, it was still slow.

    ah thank you for this tip! I do want to learn German as I have a lot of German heritage in my family. Once things open up again, it’s on my bucket list of places to visit. I know Spanish, French, Russian, English and Korean languages so it’s fun to study new languages and the Germans make some of the best synthesizers, guitar amps and cars on the planet. Since I use arp mode a lot and also midi hardware sequencers like the Squarp Hapax, this is good to keep in mind.


    Vielen Dank für diesen Einblick. Ich liebe meinen neuen Tastatursynthesizer Virus TI2 Darkstar trotz der alten Benutzeroberfläche und der Softwareprobleme mit neuen Betriebssystemen. Es funktioniert viel besser als die meisten anderen Synthesizer. Ich benutze einen guten Hardware-Sequenzer Hapax und den Arp-Modus viel auf meinem, um komplette Spuren von Drums, Bass, Leads und Effekten zu machen. Kein anderer Synthesizer ist auf diese Weise erforderlich, um einen vollständigen Song zu erstellen. Wirklich erstaunlich, denn selbst die weitaus teureren Moog One und MiniMoog können das nicht.

    Entschuldigung für mein schlechtes Deutsch, da ich eine Übersetzersoftware verwende.

    try power off the virus and unplug the cables and power then wait a minute and reconnect the cab,es and power the virus back up. I had to do that to get the virus plugin to work on my older Mac. That said, I just bought the Aura plugin and iPad virus touch software so that I can use my new M1 MacBook Pro with Logic Pro 10.7 and these work way better for me than the legacy virus software.

    I just tested the Aura plugin for Virus on my new M1 MacBook Pro running Macos Ventura over usb and it’s working great. Definitely an improvement over the outdated buggy Kemper Access version. Here is my test so far

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    software and virus are technically end of life due to no more Motorola dsp chips and no support of 64 bit audio on Mac OS new versions. But stand alone a fantastic synth. It does way more than new synths costing 2-3x the price. Not perfect and menu diving on the crude screen is a pain but I’m loving the sounds and options on mine. But that said, next synth probably be a Waldorf M and Juno X and Perkons drum machine and once get past wait, add another sequencer like Cirklon.

    I bought my TI2 new recently and in spite of the software TI issues and menu diving on the hardware, it’s still a fantastic synth in 2023 compared to most poly synths today. I have an OB X8 that is wonderful but my Virus Ti2 does way more for half the cost. Also have other gear like Elektron that has fantastic sequencer and user experience but Virus sounds way better and more massive to my ears. So I’ll keep it and use without the computer to record to mixer sdcard. I do like how Waldorf brought new up to date synths with color screens and modern support. So in few years if Access Kemper has not released anything, a new Waldorf M or Quantum would be a great option.

    I’m staying on Windows 10. Hated Windows 11 anyways. I’ll try the Aura MI software this weekend on my M1 MacBook with Ventura to see if I can get that going so that I can record my Virus in Logic Pro 10.7 as I need the new Dolby Atmos features in the current version of Logic.

    Same here I bought a cheap refurbished Macbook Air with High Sierra loaded just to have ability to update the Virus firmware and use the plugin. Glad I did since my new Virus TI2 had really old version of the firmware that I had to upgrade to latest version.