Lack of AAX is now ridiculous, no more excuses.

      Lack of AAX is now ridiculous, no more excuses.

      WOW, i hope I am not banned but I just have to say it.. At this stage it is absolutely ludicrous and disrespectful!

      I must admit, when i bought the hardware i didn't even *think* to check if there was an AAX as i just presumed from a "pro" company, there would be!

      How disappointed I was.

      But the thing is.. So i look at the downloads page and we are 9 months since the last release, which is still a BETA!

      What is so hard for your guys to do? Seriously? You have ONE product line with ONE software release. I have never known anything like it in my entire life, for thousands of dollars synthesisers that have a fully integrated plugin, to not offer an AAX plugin. It's downright embarrassing!

      Why won't you do it? I have to know. I am trying to understand how every 6 months I check and every six months it is never there. Customers have been asking you for YEARS now. I have personally owned my TI2 desktop for 2 years and unable to natively use it in my daw. 2 years and i'm annoyed, i can not even begin to think how those who have waited 5 years feel!

      Every single MAJOR dev out there does AAX.. if access are incapable of coding it, there are tons of brilliant aax coders out there who will help you for a fee.

      In my entire life i have never known expensive 2 thousand and even 6 thousand dollar products to be so poorly supported.

      And of course cue the vst or au users who are going to be smart asses now and tell me to switch DAW.. no thanks... i pay $99 a year for PT to be up to date, and my license is perpetual one so if i ever cancel i can use the last version forever. Cubase updates are 149 for major and 79 or 49 for the mid cycle .5 release. Logic automation is completely broken with latent plugins as i have proved extensively with videos, and pro tools timing is flawless which is why i love it. I used logic for 17 years and I will never go back...…on-completely-broken.html
      Cubase automation timing is also a joke, it is random all over the place. I want my automation to strike where it's drawn, and PT does that. (for anyone interested, S1 does that too, but i could not get on with the interface and i tried the demo twice for 30 days each).

      pro tools is an amazing underrated and unfairly bashed DAW.... it has impeccable control for external midi stuff, the timing is ROCK SOLID and you can do things to sync the timing that you simply can not with cubase or logic. But i want to edit my virus on the screen and have that total integration and to load and save patches, etc.

      And no, i will never ditch pro tools..what will go if this attitude continues, is the virus. Honestly wake up Access, i am a nobody and even I have a group of 10 local people that are pro tools users that are all going to ditch their virus, we are tired of it. The only reason we wait is cause the virus still sounds good and has decent poly.. We just keep thinking that "they will eventually release it, it's coming". But not only have you not, you won't even INDICATE if you EVER will!!

      Guess what, unlike my DAW, your synth is not irreplaceable. Eventually the pro tools user base will snap, and there are many of us believe me, and it will severely hurt your rep and sales.