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Sunday, November 14th 2010, 12:41am

Greetings from Michigan and a dumb question

Well after a few ups and downs over the past few months I am settled in for the winter with my relatively new Virus TI2 keyboard. Are there any other Virus owners in northern Michigan? I did have some issues with the first board which seem all better now. Got a movie to edit and score and I am really looking forward to the sound design potential of the Virus. Mostly I am a writer/producer but also score films from time to time. I have a couple analog synths and I think the combination of digital analog makes for a pleasing soundscape.
Question, I am using Logic, and when Virus is running in sequence mode there seems to be no obvious way to play more than one Virus patch at a time, or to set up keyboard zones. This would mean I would spend most of my time using multi mode to create splits and layers? I am probably missing something obvious.


Sunday, November 14th 2010, 6:47am

in VC or standalone mode?
for standalone mode please read this topic...…D=8829#post8829

but in vc i suppose you have do it with layering track...
DAW: Cubase 6.5.4 (64 Bit)
OS:Windows 7 (64 Bit) And OSX 10.7.5
Virus TI OS:4.5.3
Synth : Virus Ti Desktop,Virus Ti Snow,Nord Stage ex88,Roland Mc-909
PC : Core i7 870 ,8.0 GB Ram
Mac : Macbook Pro Mid 2012 ,Core i7 ,8GB Ram

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Tuesday, November 16th 2010, 1:42am

Yes when using multis in standalone mode (no USB connection) its pretty easy to set up splits and layers. It is when in VC mode in Logic that I cannot see a way to have splits and layers; ie to play more than one part simultaneously.


Tuesday, November 16th 2010, 5:24pm

Here's an improvisation with my Virus and a couple other synths.