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Wednesday, May 12th 2010, 5:31pm

I think he is rising pitch of individual notes + each individual note has LFO pitch down ... but I might be wrong...

something like this, but very quickly ...


Thursday, May 13th 2010, 4:57pm

hey guys,
well, the two sections you refer to are actually very different:
in the 1st sequence (1:58) it's just the bass playing plus one hi-hat; the modulation sounds like a pitch wheel since it's not accurately moving in semitones; i also hear something static which makes me assume it was resampled and modulated in a sampler;
in the 2nd sequence (from 4:00) it is mostly the pad rising in pitch which must be from a sampler, the way it sounds; the bass is just following a bit and moving in cents;

best regards, gravity