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Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 7:03am

Los Angeles based, signed alt pop/rock band looking for new keyboard player

Stealing Heather is currently looking for a new keyboard/synth player who can sing strong backing vocals in the higher register. This is a signed project with a lot going on right now, a great record label, fantastic PR, two national radio campaigns, etc.

This is a true band member position, not a hired gun.

We are looking for someone who has the right alt pop/rock image, who truly wants a career in music, and who is located here in the LA area.

You will be required to provide your own keyboard rig and it's needs to consist of the following gear:

Virus TI2 (desktop or keyboard, not snow as it does not have enough power to handle all the sounds)
88-Key Sampling workstation (i.e. Yamaha XS8 or Roland Fantom G8)
16 channel mixing board (Allen & Heath 16:2 MixWizard3 would be a great example)
(2) Floor monitors

The rig is designed so that you can provide front of house a single pre-mixed stereo feed, ensuring that the sound is perfect at all times, and under your direct control.

You can check out the band at and if you're interested please reply with a link to an online profile where we can see some current pics, hear you play, etc. We will provide sheet music, vocal maps, MP3 stems, and whatever else we can to assist the right person in getting up to speed quickly.

If you're interested please contact and include a link to an online profile where we can see some current pictures, hear you play and sing, etc.