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Wednesday, April 11th 2012, 3:38pm

Mr Crackles

My TI had been running as the main sound card due to my Emu not working windows 7 64bit (no new driver support, such a shame). As per the virus worked fine for some time. Then one long night after reinstalling Windows on my PC, Mr crackless decided to grace us with his pressence.

Tried a few things to solve it but couldn't really dedicate much time, way too busy. With a new audio interface on the budget too wasn't much point...

Finaly got a delta 1010lt last week and to my surprise... Mr crackless was all over this shit, Virus or no Virus...

Had MC's booked in too... No messing about, lets get this sorted... Bluetooth dongle plugged in a pci usb expansion card (Probably something to do with IRQ's not that I know anything about them.

2 days recording done. Lots of virus parts in the mix and no crackles yet... Fingers crossed.

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