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Wednesday, April 24th 2013, 4:53am

Virus Ti as main audio interface, VC, ableton live 9 and a moog sub phatty latency issues! Please help.


I am wondering if anyone here uses their Virus TI (2) as their main audio interface and is experiencing latency with a live audio source running into it?

I have been the proud owner of a TI2 for over a year now. I use it as my main audio interface with ableton live 9 and have had no issues until i purchased a moog sub phatty.

My setup is as follows:

Virus TI 2 as main interface (Outs 1 & 2 plugged into monitor speakers) running VC on ableton live 9

3 USB outs/no inputs in VC (since if I run it on 3 USB outs/1 input it will no longer operate as a soundcard)

Moog Sub Phatty connected to VIRUS TI 2 through input 1 and 2

The sound of the Moog routed into one of the Virus TI 2 channels using the >>INPUT<< patch

Buffer in Ableton 9 is set to 128 samples (as recommended) and overall latency i is set to 2.7 ms

VC has 'Live' mode engaged when playing play MIDI keyboard to control Virus sounds

Macbook Pro 13" 4 GB Ram

Ok. So the problem with latency happens when I get some MIDI sequenced for the Moog and I attempt to play it back. It comes through with a noticeable amount latency. I'll turn 'LIVE' mode off in VC and still get latency. Tried track delaying the MIDI track going to the Moog but no luck. Tried changing my buffer setting and driver compensation but still latent.

Im thinking it has something to do with the VC and USB outs of the Virus...

So im wondering if i buy an a separate audio interface like and RME, use the analog outs of the virus instead of the USB outs will my latency issues be fixed?

Or so long as I have the VC running will I always experience some degree of latency since I've heard that the VC send audio via USB regardless if you use analog outs or not (not sure)? Meaning can the VC be used just as patch library and to send MIDI?

I love using the VC, I also love just working on the Virus hardware but some functions are just easier set using the VC.

I would also still love to route my Moog through the Virus to take advantage of the Virus FX.

Btw I have the latest updates for the virus TI and live 9.

I though the Moog and Virus combo would be like the ultimate... im sure many of you have this combo. ive read on some post people saying that I should render the audio of the moog - but i like working in midi.

I love my virus, but if push came to shove if I cant solve this latency issue i might have to ditch the virus in favor of a poly analog.

Would love to here any possible solutions, especially from anyone who uses the Virus along side other analog synths and a daw.




Wednesday, April 24th 2013, 10:26am

If I got your situation right, I think you have two options:
1 - to delay-compensate the Phatty MIDI manually to the same amount the Virus is delay-compensated automatically (just to make sure we are on the same page, delay compensation means playing early). This of course will not work when playing live.
2 - send the "input" part directly through an analog output (see VC's common page, or command-click the part slot on the left). I think out1 should mix with the soundcard output, but if it doesn't (and you are using out2 or out3) you can put one of those portable mixers between the Virus and the monitors/headphones. This of course will prevent you from recording the affected Pahtty, so I think your workflow can be going through the analog outs until satisfied, then bouncing through USB with delay and nudging the audio manually.
There could be another option that somehow alluded me.
Hope this helps!