Virus A: Pad Sounds are blocking each other in multi mode?

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    • Virus A: Pad Sounds are blocking each other in multi mode?

      I'm controlling my virus A in multi mode via midi coming from ableton live. When i want to play two pad sounds at the same time, one is blocking the other sound. Strangely i don't have this problem on sounds with a short decay (like arpeggiated stuff etc.). However, this means that this is not a midi problem but coming from the synth itself.This is driving me crazy and it seems so unlogic. Can someone explain to me whats going on? Thanks!
    • 12 voices can be reached really soon playing chords with sounds having a long tail and if you add some delay...even sooner!
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    • flixe schrieb:

      Or does it depend on what type of sounds i play at the same time, like depending on the release and decay?

      Yes, naturally it does! If you have a released note ringing on and play another note, there are two voices playing at the same time. With long release times, you can pretty easily use all 12 voices by just playing four chords within the release time.
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