More Wavetable Explorations

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    • More Wavetable Explorations

      Hello all!,
      Those of you with Blofelds may know that seven of its wavetables are "composite" wavetables - collections of unrelated spectral waves from other regular wavetables - that are great resources to check when looking for that perfect single wave for a patch you're creating. (They are the 2 Alts, the 4 Wavetrips, and the famous PPG Upper Waves.)
      Although the Virus TI apparently has no intentionally composite wavetables, I found seven in its comprehensive arsenal that could pass for pseudo-composite tables - again, collections of seemingly unrelated and diverse spectral waves, and great places to check when you can't find exactly what you're looking for in the TI's proper Spectral Waves selection. They are:
      Finger Bass
      HP Love
      Metal Guru

      (Your mileage may vary)

      Hope this perspective can help in your programming research! :)