OS5 Beta Issues

  • So after installing the Beta into my VTi2 I have a few issues that are pretty major.

    - All patches sent through the USB outputs are distorted/static.

    - BSOD When I load a previous song that used the Virus and attempted to switch to the Virus as the soundcard so I can change the buffer settings.

    Now, I understand this is a beta but none of these issues were present in the previous OS.

    ftr, The Regular outputs are clear and sound fine although they are much MUCH lower than the USB outs.

    I will attempt to re-install the OS and a few other things to see if I can come up with a solution.

    I am using as a VST in Cubase.


    i7 3930k

    32GB ram

    MOTU 2408mk3 PCI-E Soundcard

  • K, It seems as though the USB out is not correctly syncing to 48k Saple rates or not syncing correctly @ all.

    It sounds as if it's @ 44.1k When I have my session setup in 48k.

    When switching to 44.1k it does sound better but not as clear as the Regular outs.

    I have checked and made sure the Virus clock source is set to "Auto" and it's "Synced to host"

    Also, I reinstalled the OS and that seems to have gotten rid of the BSOD issue.

  • same issue. I have reinstalled the OS 4.3, and the problem persists. It's like the virus audio and midi driver disappear from windows. I don't know what to do...

  • K, In order to get rid of the static you have to uninstall completely from the control panel and also make sure the VST Folder for access music is empty.
    Then, re-install the previous OS.

    I've managed to get my setup back to where it was prior to OS5 and this is where it will stay until the next update/fix

    Being it's a BETA one can't really Bch&Moan I just hope it gets fixed.

  • it seems i can't roll back to 4.5.3. After the first install of OS5 the virus ti drivers disappear after every open of the virus control and after every reboot of the computer. The unistall of acces software, plug-unplug power supply, reset of virus, clean of windows register, delete of access music folder didn't solve the problem. :(

  • Spin, i had trouble as well rolling back. I did manage to reintroduce 4.5.3 to the virus but the sound out of the virus was a harsh scratchy digital noise

    The only way i recovered is by doing a system restore to a time right before i installed os 5

    Virus ti
    Windows 7x64
    16gb ram
    Cubase 6.07

  • I guess a system retore would be an easy way if it works!
    Too bad I took the scenic route lol. ;(

    I made sure I uninstalled from the CP and then checked to make sure the VST files were gone.
    After reinstalling the older OS I too was experiencing the "Virus Not Found" in Cubase and in the CC.
    I proceeded to move my USB cables, everything then when I unsinstalled the CC and reinstalled it everything from there went as it should have. X(

  • Thanks dspears. I did a system restore at a day before the OS5. Then i have reinstalled 4.5.3. Now the static noise is gone, but i am experiencing a bit more latency from the virus like before, but now virus control works again.

    I think i will never did another install with the current OS5 installer until will be out a solid fix

  • Zatristu, what virus do you have..?

    I don't have any of these problems at all but I've only tried OS5 in 44.1

    My virus is TI1 61 keys I'm on 10.6.8 mac with logic 9.1.7 everything is fine

    THE ONLY PROBLEM, virus always tris to sync with time all the time.... Like the midi is off and then its on... Or its off and I get midi syc error on VC...... It says start and stop.... But doesn't go away.

    As far as static issues NONE HERE...... I will say this OS5 feels smoother responsewise because I used to get random patch problems... That's gone now, I can edit on hardware without any worries while VC is opened and running. Looks like 10.6.8 is the stable OS