Oh no phantom power!

  • So, my kid switched on phantom power on my akai eie pro. Effectively turning it on channels one and two. I had my virus connected to these channel xlr(interface) to virus(trs) for like 5-10 minutes before realizing. I freaked out, turned it off and now everything seems ok but I'm still shook. Please tell me that I need to relax and everything is fine at a short duration like that! She still sounds tits but I have OCD and need some reassurance.

  • It will be fine, dont worry about it... the impedance is so high, phantom power is low current too, it wont affect your virus. no damage done. sleep easy.... :thumbup: The Virus has balanced outputs too so will be protected at its output stage. Below is an article from SOS.

    "SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns replies: Most keyboards have unbalanced instrument or line-level outputs, and a standard XLR-TS (or TRS) lead or adaptor would almost certainly put 48V phantom power directly across the keyboard's output driver.

    Depending on the design of the output stage, that could result in the sound becoming weak and feeble temporarily, or it could result in more serious permanent damage. For example, the 48V phantom could reverse-bias or simply over-volt the keyboard's output capacitors, causing them to break down and eventually destroy the output stage. And that's quite possibly what happened to cause the previous internal damage to the keyboard.

    So it is absolutely essential to use some form of galvanic isolation between a keyboard (or guitar amp, DJ mixer, or any other electronic equipment) and a phantom-powered mic input, unless you know absolutely for sure that the electronic output is specifically designed to cope with it. A passive DI box is the easiest, cheapest and simplest solution."

    I have done the same thing with keyboards in the past, and they have been fine.... dont worry.

  • Hi there, very interesting. I have connected the Virus analog Outs with an Mixer, that also has mic Inputs.
    Can this also damage or Impact the Virus?
    I had the feeling that the Sound was a Bit weird and the System also brocke down a couple if Times

    Greets Chris :S

  • lordclemi: If the input you used on the mixer is not multifunctional (i.e. it only works at line level) I have very little reason to believe that the problem is the interaction between the Virus and the mixer. From what I understand from your post the first thing I'd check would be the Virus power supply (internal if it's a keyboard model).
    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your answer. I gonna Check the power supply. Do You know any other reason why the Virus 'broke down'? I have the Keyboard Version of ti2.
    After the Break down all the lights and flashing looked quite normal, but I could not generate a Sound by pressing the keys, After this i had to turn off and turn on the Virus again.

    Sorry for the capital letters my automatic word software is currently St to german.

    Greets Chris ;(