Tips for new Virus TI owners

  • I am a new Virus TI2 Darkstar Polar keyboard owner and bought mine brand new from Sweetwater. Great sounding synth with tons of power even in 2022 with all the fancy new gear from competitors. Some tips I learned

    1. Mac OS users- find old computer with 8-16GB RAM and load older version of Mac OS X from USB boot drive. I like High Sierra and it works with the Virus TI software.

    2. Join the Virus TI Facebook group

    3. Be patient and have fun learning it. Very powerful complex synth with many sound crafting options.

    4. Buy a good sequencer! I have a Squarp Hapax on the way.

  • Proud owner of a TI2 desktop, and just wanted to say hi .

    Got a Virus b, too.

    Wondering how to load new sounds in,doesnt work with my Mac Big Sur version.

    Ive read that this is a well known problem and I try to read and research for more info.

    Glad that this forum exists and will read myself through.

    Love the Virus Sound!

  • Hi Zabias - I just got a TI Desktop as well! Same issue - I got the Aura Plugins tool to edit and manage patches on mine. Works great - only complaint is I have to use analog inputs for the audio, but thats my only complaint is the USB audio no longer works.