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    I could say that Massive is behind the times because I can create far more complex modulations within Absynth. And, I can load my own waveforms into it to use as either oscillators or lfos. Massive can't do that, it must be rubbish. I know that Massive isn't really rubbish, I like the NI stuff. I like my Virus too.

    What I'm meaning in my first reply to you, is that I disagree that the Virus is behind the times when it comes to modern electronic music & is only good for film scores or classic sounds. Yes, there is no performer in the Virus, but if you take some time experimenting with the different lfo waveforms you can discover some very interesting things hidden within.

    Every tool has it's strengths & weaknesses, if they were all the same life would be boring.

    just a heads up: apple fixed the multi instrument handling in - now you can generate new tracks assigned to the same multi instrument with different midi channels.
    hth, marc

    Great news, I'm glad they sorted that one out nice & quickly for us. :thumbup:

    Just a quick heads up, I have been able to download Logic X on an up to date machine & have now installed it on OS 10.7.5

    Everything seems to be running fine for now.

    Thanks for clearing that up, I'm not sure what track stacks are yet, unfortunately I'm excluded from the Logic X party unless I upgrade my OS - it won't even let me download it from the app store because I'm too old skool for it :D

    @ Marc - I have heard that there is not a New track with next MIDI channel command in Logic X, can you check that it is still quite straight forward to have all our Virus parts organised on separate tracks please.

    Hey kfxkicks

    I totally get what you are wanting to do, unfortunately for you the software is just a front end for the hardware & can not be simply updated.

    do we literally need 16 outs from the actual virus synth to be able to accomplish this in FL?

    Yes, you would need 16 outs from the Virus. As the Virus does not have 16 outs you will have to take note of Flabberbobs advice & prioritize which ones you want processed separately, or process them after you bounce them.

    Your garage door will open enough for you to take that Ferrari out, go on, take it for a spin :D

    - Defining values for buttons
    - Defining value ranges and max values for a knob.

    I've asked this before, sadly it is not possible :(

    However, if you load the default remote template from the public remote templates menu then turn the semitone knob you will see it has a value range of 0-12.

    I've never been able to limit the range of the knobs in my templates.

    From one of the greatest trance producers of all time :)


    The fix is for me to bounce every single Virus part one at a time, then editing the region start manually so that everything is in the right place and then do the final mix bounce.

    You could send your Virus parts to a record armed audio track, with no output selected, to render them as audio files. Once you are done, mute the Virus midi regions, disable the record arm & enable the outputs on the audio tracks before you bounce your main mix. The audio parts should be in exactly the right place for you this way.

    Hi Flabberbob, it's been a while my friend :)

    I think I'm looking in the right place, I've attached a screenshot of where I'm looking in VC

    [Blocked Image: ]

    I've also attached a screenshot of the Logic multi instrument I have had set up for a while, I was using this when I realised the standalone banks had changed.

    [Blocked Image: ] It took me a long time to set those multi instruments up, there's so many banks I've had to do it over 2 multi instruments, I went through every standalone ROM patch one by one until it was complete :wacko:

    The lower pane in this screenshot lists what I'm now finding in standalone ROM A

    [Blocked Image: ]

    The long loading time I mentioned isn't the "white lights in a circle" thing, whenever I connect my Virus to a different computer, the first time I use VC I will see a screen with a Virus image on it & a loading bar. The message says something like "Syncing memory, this will only take a few minutes" & the display on the Virus counts up through all the RAM & ROM banks.

    If I am looking in the right place for the VC ROM banks, I'm wondering if the ROM banks may have got confused whilst using my Virus on a couple of different machines, or if this change has happened with one of the recent OS updates, or if it's none of the above & I'm just being a bit dumb. Whatever the problem is, I'd prefer to have the standalone ROM banks matching my Logic multi instruments without me having to manually go through every patch editing the list in the multi instruments.

    I've just noticed that when I'm using my TI2 standalone, all my ROM banks have now changed to the same ones found in the Virus TI Factory Backup option. When I'm using VC within Logic, all the ROM banks are the same as the ones in the Virus TI2 Factory Backup option.

    Standalone ROM A1 is T I BC

    VC plugin ROM A1 is 3-Dumm HS

    Are the standalone & VC ROM banks not meant to be the same? I thought that was why it always takes the plugin a few minutes to start up when you first connect the Virus to a different computer, so VC can read the memory from the hardware.

    If I change all the standalone ROM banks back to match the VC version, will this keep on changing back to the old TI version whenever I install a new update?

    I'm using the latest OS

    Ruari I'm trying to send an audio track into it a software instrument. I am right in thinking you can do this via USB?

    Ok, yes you most certainly can route an audio track into your Virus, that's how you will make use of Atomizer (which you really must try out by the way ;) ). I was just trying to help you out by letting you know about one of Logics peculiarities in my last post, sorry for any confusion.

    All you should need to do to set this up from an INIT patch is make sure your Virus is configured 3 outs / 1 input in the Config > Patch Utility page then select the required audio track from the sidechain menu in the top right of the plug in window, now click the FX 1 tab & under INPUT change the mode to Static, change the input to L + R & leave atomizer off for now.

    If you just want to hear the processed audio from the Virus then change the audio channel strips output from Stereo Out to No Output then press play on the project, your audio should now be routed thru the TI & if you turn the filter resonance up and sweep the cutoff you should hear something happen.

    If you want to take things a bit further then change the mode to Dynamic, turn the Filter Env Amount up alter the filter envelope to suit, select the Virus track in your arrange window, press play on the project and play some keys. From there you can experiment to your hearts content as there's plenty for you to discover - did someone say Vocoder…

    To have some Atomizer fun then the best thing you can do now you know how to route audio into the Virus is read the Atomizer manual, expect to lose hours if not days once you do this as atomizing is highly addictive once you get going with it.

    Hope this gets you up & running :)

    If you are trying to get the audio from a software instrument track into the Virus you will need to first send the software instrument tracks audio to a bus then use the bus as the source for the sidechain, this does not apply if you are working with audio tracks.


    Does anyone else have this problem or is it unique to me? Here's a pic of the automation, please if someone has a spare 5 minutes give this a try & post back here to let us know the latency situation. VST or AU I'd love to know your findings

    [Blocked Image: ]

    This has been eating away at me for days now, I know I can use the MIDI option & I do, but (there's always a but…), I'd rather be able to work quickly within the plug-in sketching ideas together & this automation timing is a bit of a motivation killer for me. If I'm the only one experiencing this then that's great, I really mean that, because then there must be a solution that I have not found yet.

    Come on guys, help a frustrated friend out here, talk to me & tell me how you find your automation timing 8)