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    What are "evil" sounds to you?

    Go to the Patch Dr What, and turn up the release knob.

    I have tried to modify that one so that chamber like tone attacks earlier but I cannot seem to get it it right because the entire patch is programmed counter-intuitively. Many other patches are like that - extremely unorthodox modulations and routings that makes certain standard synthesizer tweaks do little and work against me. But yet some of those sounds are so good.

    To be able to program like that takes a genius.

    Hello, I am wondering which are the darkest sounding user contributed sound sets on the downloads page? And why are some of those banks very empty except for the a few slots? Is there a problem with those mostly empty sound sets?

    In addition, why are other soundsets for sale on other websites not on the sound set download page? Are the ones for sale on those sites just more simple techno and trance sounds? because they sound like it to me. But I do not need any more of those types of sounds. Why are they even charging money for programming those types of sounds? because 1) the virus comes with enough of those, 2) the sound set downloads have tons of them too, and 3) those types of sounds are SO freaking easy to program! LOL. so I am confused why they are trying to sell sounds that are nothing better than what we have and what we have "access" to? I would only pay for far out sounds or very evil sounds.

    With that said, I will pay money for somebody who has lots of experience t program a full soundset of very dark sounding patches. Like very evil sounds. Please let me know if any one has what it takes for this. But I would need to hear a sample or two first.

    Call me crazy but the effects in Logic are better than the effects on the Virus, why not just use them?

    FOr software plug-in effects, other than maybe Nitro PSP, if you want good deep effects for the value: there is no other software effects that compare to the Deep Reconstructions and Deep Transformations and Deep Freq effects packs that came out for Kore 2. (Other than the Eventide Harmonizer pack for Pro Tools HD but that costs an arm and a leg).

    These kore FX packs are only 80 dollars each and have FX with similar insane effects as Eventide, but easier modulation control! But also very cool effects so far out and twisted that many of them are even better than eventide ones! (but you have to have Kore 2, so thats another investment from 200-400 dollars, depending on if you want the kore 2 controller,... but these effects packs are gonna constantly come out and the advantage of Kore is the control surface which allows you to morph between the effects settings of 8 different parameters for 8 set positions with the 8 knobs, or buttons .

    These are simply the deepest software plugins i have ever heard in my life for very neat and rhythmically in sync effects. The are worth checking out and listening to.

    This is the most important question which I did knot know how to ask in the past and therefore could not be clear, but I think I know the answer now - if only the virus can do this for me either live or recording spdif:

    1) To clarify , my band's live set plan will be - entity A (myself) on electric guitar; entity B (rapper) on vocals; entity C on a midi keyboard only playing note values which trigger notes on the virus (but absolutely NO tweaking responsibilities assigned to this entity); entity D - a person pretending to play bass guitar, entity E - a person pretending to play an electronic drum kit; entity F - a rack mounted Denon mp3 audio player with the cue remote control recall system built into my guitar; entity G - sysex stream of live automation of virus parameters to be synced to the track, and finally Entity G - my rocktron all access midi foot controller system to cue the sysex, control my eventide harmonizer, and simultaneously cue the rack mp3 player to the sysex. But where does the sysex source come from? And how can I to re-cue sysex messages with my midi foot controller in case there is some unforeseeable interruption in the show. But does the sysex info sit on another rackmounted midi device? I am totally lost. I cannot find any books about this.

    For the keyboard note player, I need to have a sysex message automatically perform the modulation tweaking and morphing changes of the virus but cued in sync to the song - so that the keyboard player does not have to tweak anything, and the only thing this person has to do is press the keys on the keyboard. (I even want sysex to automatically automate any parameter i would otherwise automate in virus control, but without virus control (or even recording with spdif if VC does not behave right) - even pressurized aftertouch, mod wheel, etc and in target to any other virus parameter automatically through sysex with absolutely none of this responsibility left to the keys person at all - exactly like automation in pro tools.

    But I want to be able to cue the entry of the sysex information to be on time with the rackmount mp3 player - and possibly all cued from my midi foot controller. (i am basically the band dictator - and a dictator who will be trying desperately to avoid any live dependence on pro tools or abelton. The local stores - who all like abelton live for live use - absolutely hate me - even nelly furtado's live person who keeps saying to use abelton live is not happy with me - as clearly i showed him i will take this to the extreme with a rack-mounted mp3 player and attaching a remote system for it on my electric guitar - or controlling it with my MIDI foot controller more preferably . But can I have control over a properly midi-footswitched cue of a sysex automation source to the virus and the eventide while a synced click to that sysex seperately going to the headphones of performers? Does the virus need to be attached to some rack sysex generator or synchronizer also syncing my rack mp3 player and eventide? (i never thought a live band could be this difficult, this is a true nightmare).

    And as for VC i need similar functionality as in the VC, but also in hardware TI standalone with sysex automating exactly what pro tools can automate in VC... even for spdif recording - since upon update, i saw that the operating system 4.02 loads into the TI hardware also (as per the display). Then after this, can everything that is done and edited in the VC software also be "performed" in the hardware without a computer running VC ???

    As for the advanced arpegiattor edit functions, I think i saw on a video that this can only be done in VC. But can I actually load the new user edited arpegiattor patterns created freshly from VC into the TI when stand alone as one of the modulation patterns available for use live or even recording spdif? (in the hardware standalone with NO VC, in addition to the rest of the 'playable' functionality from VC software automatable only from sysex in the TI - and to have sysex automatically contol all mod changes and morphing as well as all the other VC parameters - without VC. i also need sysex to modulate possible recording performances in case my VC does not work properly - as heard on many complaints.

    Sorry for the repetition.

    when using the TI standalone and not with VC, you have to have the arp on (triggering notes) in order to edit it as a modulation source. IE, there's no wway to select an arp and change the values for the mod matrix unless the arp is also triggering notes at the same time. Once you turn the arp off the settings remain, but it makes tweaking the arp values a little cumbersome.

    i dont understand... are you saying that the values of the step amounts (like in that screen in VC cannot be edited like that in the virus hardware without the VC plug-in? if not please explain what you meant..... and so ya, what can you do in VC that you cannot do in the hardware (other than the obvious... can you not edit those step values in the hardware now with OS4?

    to be able to function with automation in Pro Tools. I am afraid to even try... apparently it doesn't work for many people in these forums. (I am already waiting on other fixes but at least to also be able to have the value up down buttons on the TI change patches in the VC RTAS plug-in if not the down and up keys on the computer keyboard - currently if you try either value + -, it goes to your previous patch when you were not in plug-in mode.

    Honestly man, at first I was gonna say i think you bought the wrong synth. To me it seemed like the Virus is not a dedicated machine for the type of music you are making because it has a very cold and dark quality to it that has it's specialty in industrial music in my opinion. But then it looks like you have discovered some of the other sounds later on.

    In my situation, the exact reverse is true from your situation you approached the virus in... you see, I spent months and months with all sorts of virtual plug-in synths and soft-synths and I could never find barely any sounds I could use, lol,... but then when i went into the store and listened to the virus presets, it was a no-brainier - this thing is meant for my type of music. But I know it can pull off all the "happy" sounds too because the quality is very clear. But you cannot compare the sound clarity of soft synths to the extremely high fidelity clarity of a virus... and i think it is a clear winner in all those departments.

    well i did download the elemental set and it had alot of great sounds too. i knew from day one this is the synth for me, and i will check out those other synths too, but once again, there is a difference I urge you to try to understand, and that is that in each instance i take an already existing sound and tweak it, i do not make my own from scratch .

    and all i was saying is that i hoped a sound designer made a bank of only those types of sounds i described. perhaps i will, but it will only be existing ones modified and the request was to a sound designer for one bank of 128 fresh deadly patches since the TI has such an capabilities. and that was just a description of a sound btw, nothing more, nothing less.