Virus TI OS has been released

  • Bug? If Delay Type is set to TAPE CLOCKED, Soft Knob 3 can no longer be used to change "Modulation" amount in Delay page 3/3. The value can be changed with the Value buttons.
    Switching pages ( going to page 2/3 should be enough) then going back to page 3/3 fixed it for me.

  • anybody else experiencing this?


    A little late... But I can confirm this with Cubase 5.5.2. build 637
    It seems that Win7 its laggy screen is fixed and that XP has a new 'feature' ;)

    @ the moment the GUI is very annoying slow.

    Gear: TI(1); WinXP 32bit SP2; C2D3.0ghz 4gb(3 used); Gigabyte Mobo; etc.

  • anybody else experiencing this?


    Hi yes Marc I'm also experiencing lags mostly between Tabs also when changing various controls. This is only in Live 8 at the moment i will have to try Cubase. But this only started happening after OS4 installed. Win XP SP3 x86

    Cheers Andy R

  • no.
    ableton live 8 (i know its a 32 bit daw)
    os 10.6.6
    ti version

    plug in works, midi works, audio output is a 0db digital brummschleife?

    start mac again under 32bit and it works....


    do i have wait for an ableton update 64bit?
    or is it possible to use your latest driver under 64bit mac with ableton?

    many thanks in advance

  • The TI OS crashed the first time for me, giving a blue screen of death under Windows x64 Vista. Rebooted and ran the installer again, this time in "repair" mode. It finally synced up with the Virus and did the update. The new firmware version can be verified when turning the Polar on.

    I'm using Sonar x64, and the Virus Control seems sluggish. While improvising with one hand on the Virus, I was using the mouse to freestyle on the LFO1 Rate dial in VC--I was able to crash the VC and Sonar two times doing this.

    Someone else mentioned it, and it's one of the first things I noticed--the SubOsc waveform selection (square <-> triangle) on the OSC pane is very hard to see--a white thin waveform outline on a light gray background. Terrible, but as far as bugs go, I'd rather Access smooth out the VC problems.

    I've also seen a "Sync Error" flash up at the bottom of the Virus, reporting that sync has been lost. I've never seen this before. In fact, I was working on a project today before the update, decided to try the new OS hoping it would be more stable, but started having more errors and crashes than ever.


    Vista x64
    8GB ram
    Pentium i7 2.67 GHz
    TI2 Polar

  • The new OS doesn't work well for me. If I improv on the TI2 Polar while adjusting the parameters in VC, Sonar crashes, reporting an error in the Virus Control plugin. I was changing the Filter1 Cutoff dial in VC while playing on the TI when the sound suddenly stopped--notice the garbled display inside the Filter1->Cutoff dial (it's like it wasn't properly redrawn):

    [Blocked Image:]

    Then I noticed none of the controls inside VC were responding, so I tried to close the VC, then I received the following error in Sonar, citing the 'Virus TI' plugin as the problem:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Here is the Windows report; I've added the full contents of the details below.
    [Blocked Image:]

    I would post the details of the dub_02132011_081327.dmp file, but without the Sonar debug symbols (good luck getting ahold of those), I'm afraid it's about useless (this file is probably for developers at Cakewalk).

    As far as recreating the problem it's easy--just use the Virus Control plugin for 5-10 minutes. I usually play on the TI with one hand while adjusting parameters in VC with the other--that seems to get it to crash pretty regularly with the new OS update.

    Vista x64 + 8GB Ram / Sonar x64 / TI2 Polar / Virus USB ASIO

  • I am having problems like never before.

    Plugin cannot connect with TI2 Keyb .
    After resetting the keyboard and restarting the computer . I open my template for ableton 8.2.1 , it does load and talks with the keyboard ,when i close or open another track , the pluging cannot connect to the keyb ... then its gone from the spund system pref also.
    Have tried to update using the control center also .
    When i run the installer , everytime it does just fine connecting with the keyboard

    Please help!

    Macbookpro 2.8 17 intelcore2duo
    Ableton Live 8.2.1

    Thx a lot!