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    Synthetic Solutions presents the Access Virus Ti Soundset

    128 Patch bank library suitable for all types of electronic music. A comprehensive and inspirational soundset giving you the most upfront sound needed for today's dance music.

    An essential addition for all owners of the Access Virus Ti

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  • Thanks for the support guys :)

    Some of the feedback the Ti soundset has received posted on a couple of websites

    Mark Schema - I picked this up the other day some wicked sounds, still trying to get my head round how you did the transformer one

    James Taff - these are the dogs danglies. absolutely awesome!!! 2 free sample packs too. absolute bargain. cheers for these dude makes music making proper exciting!!!

    Felun - just bought it...loads of good stuff

    Jay Turner - Purchased. F#in fat as f##k sounds and hopefully give me the inspiriation to learn the f##er for myself as i kinda forgot how good it really is

    Audiologist- bought your soundset the other day, good stuff!

    Ben Townsend - The virus presets are awesome

    Ben Townsend - The virus presets are awesome

    Currently in the top 10 of overall downloads in

  • Equinox

    Just wanted to let you know that i just purchased your soundset and thank you so much for such an amazing soundset.


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    Access Virus TI Desktop []

  • Picked this one up a few weeks back - excellent stuff in there and it's a great starting point for guys who love to tweak shit like me >)

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