Problem with sound: RAM-C 59 "Noog 4P @"

  • Hi,

    Seems to be a problem with this sound. If you play it for a while, the whole Virus seems to glitch up for a few seconds. You just have to stop playing it for about 3 seconds, then it goes back to normal.

    It's too bad, it's a great sound!

    I don't know if this means there's something wrong with the sound, or the Virus' OS.

    Tested this on my two separate Viruses.

    Can provide audio clips if you need them.

  • Does it produce a big pop and then only low scratching sounds? I thought I was the only one getting that - the virus way of saying my USB is not yet streamlined or something. I get it with some other sounds as well. I know what you mean about the sound - it's one of those sounds that are fun to do scales with. I think it has to do with the phaser unit feeding the delay unit. I think if I turn off one of them the problem disappears. It's like the phaser is feeding the delay with a value that drives it into saturation and you have to wait a while until it gets out of it. Access - check your algorithms!

  • Just found another one at ROM-P 91 that "glitches up" the exact same way. Yes, I've had my Virus for years and never have taken the time to go through all the patches sequentially before. Shame!

    I'm only reporting these because Access has stated they're now developing OS5, so hopefully it should be convenient for them to roll a fix for this into it, rather than outside a development cycle.

  • This time it took a lot longer, but based on those two patches I think I have a new candidate for the root cause: LFO1 pre-wired routing to OSC2 - not your usual suspect, but it is used in both patches.
    EDIT -- nope, not that as well - only going to poly mode stops this behavior. Come to think of it, I remember people complaining about clicking noises in mono patches.

  • Don't worry, flabberbob, we're on it :)

    Actually, it's something I remember encountering before, but this thread has helped to pin it down. Thanks to all who contributed!

  • Same here!... ROM p-91 Puncher JS did it... but only once after about 1 mins solid playing.... after i adjusted parameters the pops vanished... very odd...
    With the other RAM c-59, i altered the FX section, resaved it and it is ok now... (so far)...
    Prob some cross over between parameters of previous Operating Systems in my opinion, alas the new FX??? hope that helps :thumbup: