Bluescreen when loading up Virus Control plugin in Cubase 6 projects

  • Hey there,
    I just got my brand new Virus TI2 Desktop yesterday. Ran into really weird problem:
    On some projects, when adding the Virus Control plugin on the Instrument channel in Cubase 6, I get a BSOD and a reboot:
    "Page Fault in Non Paged Area"

    BSOD comes right before the plugin shows up. This happens every time, with those certain Cubase projects (seems like with the most projects though). Never happens with an empty new project. Basically I cant open up the plugin on those projects, without a BSOD. I remember having this same problem few months ago, when I borrowed a Virus TI (version 1) from a friend aswell. So this is most probably related to drivers, not Virus hardware or something. No other devices on the same USB hub. Latest drivers & OS installed, also all the latest Windows updates. Minidump info shows that the BSOD was caused by ntoskrnl.exe

    System specs:
    Win7 64bit
    Cubase 6.0.5 running in 32bit mode
    i7 2600K (unclocked)
    RME Fireface 400
    ASUS S1155 P67
    CLUB 3D HD 6950 PCIE 2GB
    2x CORSAIR DDR3-1600 4GB

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

  • Ok so the "cause" for this is the RAM usage, under 32bit Cubase (Though I've just heard about the same scenario on Ableton aswell). Virus Control will throw a BSOD, when loading it up on a 32bit project, which RAM usage is already 'quite big' - in my case it even happened with a 1.6GB of RAM usage. Just tried it on a different system with a Virus TI (version 1) and Cubase 6 aswell - exactly same result. Both are running the latest firmware.

    Workaround for this is:
    Virus Control plugin must be loaded as first instrument, when opening up the projects. It's easy to do when starting new blank projects. To do it for big projects, without a BSOD:
    1. Open up the project
    2. Turn off Virus TI
    3. Make a new Instrument channel and drag it as the very first (top) channel in the project & add the Virus Control plugin. Or add the plugin under F11, as very first (for multichannel).
    4. Save project & close Cubase.
    5. Start the Virus TI & then Cubase.
    6. Open the project.. and it works :)

    Not the easiest workaround for this, but it works. It's a bit weird though, because the RAM usage is same with both cases. Seems like it's just a matter of the "loading up" order.

  • Have you checked your RAM, it might as well be damaged? This BSOD can also happen when the system searches for data in the pagefile and cannot access it for whatever reason (faulty harddrive, anti virus programs going wild, etc), however most of the time it's the RAM.

    Even though you've found a workaround i would recommend that you remove all RAM, and then try every single module one by one, or add them one after another, and also check them with for example Memtest86+ .


  • Will send the minidump right away when I get back home.
    odd: I'm 80% sure it's not faulty RAM, because I already did the ramtesting while ago.. plus it's exactly identical case on a completely different workstation, with a different Virus (TI version 1).

  • In case you've already tested it it's indeed pretty unlikely, just wanted to note it since that's often the cause for this BSOD.

    It worked fine with ~1.8 GB usage on a friends machine (Win 7 32bit, Cubase 6 32bit, TI1). I've just tested it on mine (Win 7 64bit, Cubase 6 32bit, TI2), and at first it worked fine too, but on the second try it happend to me too :(


  • I have the same issue. After upgrading to Win7 64bit, Cubase 6 the Virus TI is useless. Please Access, focus your energy on fixing this showstopping bug before adding new features.

  • I had the exact same issue on Win XP 64 when using the plugin in Cubase 5. I have a Virus TI. I recently wanted to do a full format / reinstall everything on my system anyway and now after doing that I still have the same problem. The BSOD still occurs on Win 7 64 & Cubase 5. In an empty project the plugin loads up fine, but in a heavier project I get the BSOD. I don't really want to use the workaround since my RAID setup will take a hit everytime a BSOD occurs. How do I send mini dumps and what are they?

  • I have same problem with virus ti and windows 7 on:

    cpu 2600k
    ram 8 gb
    Cubase artist 6.07
    M-Audio firewire 410

    I also get blue screen when i try to exit from cubase...1 time on 3 i get blue screen crash when i have used virus in a project and i want to exit from cubase. I don't know why this happens ?(

    Any help?

  • Anyone else had anything like this? Perhaps even on Ableton? Heard about very similar case on Ableton aswell..

    Yes, exact same bluescreen. I can't say much about the ram usage, some projects never crash.
    I get the bluescreens when I click the ON/OFF button in ableton. (which opens/closes the ASIO device)
    virust ti snow, core i7, win7 x64, ableton live 8.2.8
    EDIT: The last project that crashes used at least 1.4GB ram

  • Bump.
    Any ideas? Got no solution from the Support aswell yet, within few weeks..

    This used to happen to me all the time. The problem is dodgy RAM no doubt. Once upgraded to Windows 7 64bit, I started to encounter problems with Cubase and the Virus TI with constant blue screens. It is to do with it using parts of the RAM it never accessed before when running at 32 bit.

    -- Try downloading and running Memtest86 on a bootable CD. Remove all sticks of RAM and try one at a time and let it do several runs. Then replace and try different sticks of RAM in dual channel mode. Try again with 3 or 6 sticks in triple channel mode (basically all combinations). --

    This will probably take you several hours if not days, but you may find an error with a stick of RAM.

    It took me two times sending my 6 sticks of RAM back before I finally ended up with Corsair's latest revision of the sticks that were fully tested at the factory. They don't seem to like to test memory straight out of the factory nowadays, so a lot of people have dodgy RAM without realising it.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT 1: P.S. I also tried mine on completely different computer with the exact same results and it turned out their computer had faulty RAM too. I wouldn't rule it out completely. It took me days to come up with any errors in Memtest. Also, try running your computer without a page file and just on RAM and see what happens.

  • This will probably take you several hours if not days, but you may find an error with a stick of RAM.

    I can't see why it should be an issues with RAM. I did not experience a single bluescreens or crash issue when not using the virus.
    Also the "IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL" bluescreen popped up for the first time when I updated to the latest TI OS.