Optiv and BTK-how do YOU make similar reeces to these (prior resampling) ?? DNB

  • heres the taster for possibly dnb LP of the year with the sounds (bass/mids) im liking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NC03Vm-REw

    basically i get the idea of resampling, what im struggling with is creating initial "thick" patches to filter the bejezus out of.

    if i start with detuned hypersaws etc and add distortion and effect i find the sound is a bit "thin"

    So im basically after any tips on how you go about doing this?


  • It's not the waveform before the filter, it's the distortion after the filter. But still, the best waveforms for filtering are usually the richest ones, which are sawtooth and pulse (square) with PW not at 50%. Detuned sounds such as hypersaw temporarily cancel out frequencies, it might not sound right if the exact frequency you are trying to filter out is not stable.

  • good point

    is it possible to route one filter to the distortion while the other by passes it? So i can have a cleaner bass layer (low pass) and distort only the tops (high pass)? Seems when all runs through the distortion it loses weight?

  • Yes, the filter section has a split mode where one filter goes through the saturation unit and the other doesn't. Just make sure your oscillator stays in saturation the whole while or else the saturation distortion will not kick in. But before you try this, just try a few filter resonance levels, it could be that this was what you were missing.

  • im also trying to create fat reece basses, i got an external filter and add fx like saturation / distortion, reverb etc after the filter ofc. so i use the virus only for creating moving saws and use more high-end plugins on the insert.

    one really good plugin for multiband saturation/distortion is Fabfilter Saturn, you can even automate the crossover frequency of the bands :thumbup:

  • im the same, usually make a reece on the virus and throw it through the emu filters. I havent tried the new virus filters yet as i dont think the beta release seem stable.

    For some reason putting a reece from teh virus into the emu makes it fat, but putting the emu output back into the virus input makes it sound thin?

  • why put the emu back into the virus and not into the daw? i run my virus directly into my ebbe&flut filter then into the daw where i process it with saturation reverb chorus etc. then resample. i dont know the emu filters (zplane :) but maybe its to much convertion OR you got bad eq settings in the virus..?!
    havnt tried the new filters also, but i will do now. i use the 3 filter envelopes for modulating the sound only, lp filter is open and filter balance str8 left

  • [Mono Source] > Filterbank Poles

    That should allow you to automate the "Filter Type X-Fade" param. Has to be a mono source though so try hooking up one on the LFO's in 'Mono' mode. You can also right-click the knob and select "add * to automation" then automate it through your DAW (or link it to a midi control).

    Also you could set up one of the soft-knobs to control it by linking a soft-knob to slot 1 amount 1, setting slot 1 source to LFO 1 then setting LFO 1 to Sqr wave with contour set to max. This may be a really round about way but I think it should work.

  • The key to getting Phat sounding reeses is the Sub component and to AB with something you like. e.g... Optiv BTK and layer 2/3 layers together.

    I'm not talking about a Sub/mid/tops either, thats standard. I'm talking about adding another layer of bass.. more tonal. Just to thicken up the sound.
    Also add some Parallel compression and Distortion. That will really thicken up your sound.

    Don't go to crazy with Distortion either. You will just muddy up the sound and your reese will sound more like white noise and lack definition.

    And def EQ out the mud around 250-500hz but your AB reese should help you out there.

    Good luck


    PS... check out the Optiv Q&A on Dogs on Acid for more tips on what he does.