Windows 7 Problems

  • Hello

    I am experiencing some problems with my Virus TI. I have just upgraded to Windows 7 with 8GB Ram and an I3 processor. Prior to this I was using XP with no problems. I will also be using Cubase 6.5.

    Basically I’ve downloaded the 64 bit version of OS 4.5.3 which installs fine but when the PC does the restart is says ‘No Virus Ti can be found’. I then attempt to connect it in the Control Centre which again doesn’t recognise the Virus but when I unplug the Virus , hold down exit and plug it back in again the Virus appears in the Control Centre. From that I have done the update on the firmware which updates the banks etc but even after that it says Virus Not Recognised.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with Windows 7? I have tried this in other USB ports on the motherboard and still receive the same problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


  • I seem to have resolved this issue. I have plugged the Virus into a dedicated USB PCI Card I have on my computer. And I have installed the new OS5 without any problems


    Nice!! :P

    Can you let us know your setup and which card you decided to go with?

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