OS5 Beta issues on Win 7

  • It seems there is a real problem with windows 7 installer...hope will be soon a fix for this, actually my virus is totally unusable through usb after OS5 update. ;(

  • I was able to install os but had major problems with crackling sounds and multiple red sync errors on old projects that featured os 4.5.3 version of virus control

    I was able to resolve this by lowering my buffer to 128.

    Now virus control works perfectly again in the limited tests run thus far.

    My specs

    Virus ti desktop
    Windows 7 x64
    Core i7 3930k
    Asus p9x79 ws
    Two steinberg mr816x firewire audio interfaces

  • Hans, if your question was for me.

    No, i'm on 5.0.1. I was able to make it work for my system by dropping the buffer to 128.

    I understand that may not be a solution for other systems/processors (bigger cpu hit when working at those low buffer)

  • i followed that txt file, but it didn't work. I can't find the virus ti usb and midi driver after the OS5 update. I have tried to go back to 4.5.3 many times but all failed. So bad

  • Thank you all for your replies. After I uninstalled & reinstalled Virus totally from my system 3 times, I have it all back & running with OS

    I can't seem to locate 4.5.3 on the Access site anywhere & have not saved it on my backup. ( my bad )

    Can anyone help me out there ?

    Thanks again. I'll be staying away from until the next update.......

  • 4.5.3 is in support and downloads

    You have to use the pulldown box and switch from latest additions to virus ti

    My 4.5.3 rollback went horribly, my virus spunded broken and corrupted with horrible scratchy noise I had to do a windows system restore to get the virus back to normal.

    Also the instructions to rollback caused my system to bluscreen when it came time manually install the usb driver

  • ^^ Thanks dspears,
    Seems like I was having trouble finding the 4.5.3 link as my browser wasn't showing it...

    All good now.

    I have running fine, and will just upgrade to 4.5.3

    I had this reply from Access within 24 hours, which i must say, the support from them is 2nd to none. Thanks Access :D

    I am tempted to try this, but will wait until beta update, or full version, as I have too much to lose atm. Better not to risk it.
    At times like this, makes me wish I was a Mac user.

  • I have the same issue, attempted to downgrade with no luck, OS worked but crackling was worse than OS5, trying to go back to OS5 now, failing this its going in a box.
    this release is more like an alpha than a beta
    Access: if you need any details from me let me know Ill be happy to provide any data
    - the 'Updating virus OS' porogress bar control panel doesn't get past OS Bank 1/16, it just sits there and then says the install is complete, not sure if this is just cosmetic.
    system restore didn't work for me either, its running the older software but is worse than it was with OS5 on.

  • This has ruined my virus its unusable now all I can hear is a crackle sound and iv updated to OS 5.0 then downgraded to 4.5 over 10 times now it will not fix it and my system restore is not working on windows 7. Access music need to fix this asap as I have multiple projects what cannot be finished right now because of this problem. I expected the beta to be buggy and it had a small crackle to I downgraded but for it to kill my virus totally is not acceptable.

    Signed a very angry Virus Ti Desktop owner.

  • Hi,
    since none of the Windows systems that we used for testing showed any of these problems i have made a list of questions for everybody who encounters crackling under w7/64 with the latest public beta.
    First of all the easiest is to run "msinfo32" and save a system profile, zip it and send it to support [at] access-music.de

    Alternatively you could answer these questions

    1.Which exact version of W7 are you using?
    2. Which TI model are you using?
    3.Are you getting the crackles regardless if the GUI of the VC is visible or not? In other words-does closing the VC plugin window eliminate the crackles?
    4. What brand of graphics card are you using? Are you using the latest drivers for your graphics card?
    5.Are you getting the crackles if the TI is your sound card or if you are using another USB audio interface? If so-which brand and model of the audio interface are you using and are its drivers up to date?
    6.Which buffer size are you using? Does changing the buffer size followed by restarting your system eliminate the crackles?
    7.Which sampling rate are you using? Does changing the sampling rate eliminate the crackles?
    8.Which type of processor, motherboard and chipset are you using?
    9. Which version of the TI audio driver is shown in the Device manager?

    Thank you for your cooperation!
    Access QA

  • 1 - Windows 7 Ultimate running in bootcamp on a 2011 macbook pro 15" core i5 model
    2 - Virus Ti Desktop
    3 - I have only used it in usb mode with the gui mode
    4 - NVIDEA geforce gt 330M upto date
    5 - Crackles using all soundcards internal macbook and usb soundcard even the virus soundcard
    6 - with all buffer sizes
    7 - Did not test this yet
    8 - Intel core i5 520M 2.4ghz macbook pro
    9 - Uninstalled it

  • Vorny-did you follow the deinstall instructions that you can find in the installer folder before you downgraded to the 4.5.3 version?
    Since you are on a macbook-do you get the crackles also when you boot in OSX?

    Access QA