Virus Ti OS5 .... What's taking so long ?

  • Did you miss the Mayan calendar reference? lol

    You should be more patience, does anyone recall the old Grolsch TV commercials?

    Ha-ha, No did not miss the Mayan calendar reference, but i was just giving Access an extra 10 days to finally release OS5 (31-12-2012)

  • Ha-ha, No did not miss the Mayan calendar reference, but i was just giving Access an extra 10 days to finally release OS5 (31-12-2012)

    I wouldn't blame them if they were all too busy getting drunk and getting fat on Turkey over that period of time, I know that's what I intend to do! This is of course presuming the world does not in fact end, not suggesting that I believe it will! lol

  • We are in Nov. and still no OS-5 :rolleyes:

    Very strange that it will take so long. What's up with Access ?

    Are they releasing a new Synth that is taking all their time ? I'm a beginning to think they have something more than just OS-5 coming our way :!:

  • it really doesnt matter to me at all...i can be patient and allow Access to do any and all testing to whatever priority they deem fit before release... after all, i think it would be really churlish of me to say that my skill in programming exceeds the limits of the current

  • No November surprises ?

    Come on Access ! Do something, Say something .... What's taking you so long to officially release OS5 ? and possibly a New Synth. or whatever it is you are cooking in your basement ? :D

  • We are closing in on 2013, and still no feedback from Access regarding OS5 ?(

    I find it very strange that we have not heard anything from Access so far.

    Dear Access :

    We have been waiting patiently for a very long time for the official release of OS 5 , Can you please delight us with a few words/feedback as to what's happening here ? When can we expect it to be finally and officially released ? I feel that we have been kept hanging for too long, without any feedback from you. All it takes is a few words, and we will be more at ease knowing you are working on OS5 or maybe something even more interesting.


  • Is it just me, but this "absence" by Access reminds me of something not quite positive ....... (who remembers Waldorf? ..... :( ....)

    Maybe Access software engineers cant fix the problems and have all gone to new pastures to start a fresh new life and product... ^^ I wouldnt care if access did go under, my Virus TI2 would go up in value and become even more collectable. :thumbup: or maybe the whole team has been head hunted by Roland or Korg to design their ultimate VA synth for 2013 :S or maybe...just maybe... they are too busy getting OS5 ready for us for Xmas holidays?... i think the latter 8)

  • Hi,
    I think the bottom line is that we would love to hear some feedback from Access, but sadly, and for some unknown reason, this has not yet happened.

    Which is why I sense something odd in this type of scenario.

    I'm a loyal Access customer, and love their products, I own a Virus Ti keyboard, and a Virus Ti2 Desktop, and would buy another (new and exciting Access product if it existed) but it does not. OS5 has a few new features, it is not a big game changer that will transform the Virus Ti to a whole new virtual synth, but... so far OS5 is still in beta. Which strikes me as very odd, how long has it been since they first announced it ? almost a whole year now !

    So... let's hope that Access is reading into these posts, and has something to say to us. The silence of a developer in these situations imho. is counterproductive, and gives the impression that they are ignoring their loyal customers by not providing any feedback. Which has been requested several times already.

    Hopefully Access will say something in the next few days, or weeks.


  • And if there's indeed a new Virus coming, please let us know in advance, because that will give me some time to sell my current one before 2nd hand prices drop too much :)

  • Access don't seem to be too chatty on these boards in general, so I don't read much into their lack of communication re: OS 5.


    They are very much touting this "#1 digital synth 2012" nonsense on the front page of this site. And selling new ltd edition old hardware.

    And... NAMM 2013 is very quickly approaching. Surely they will not want to show up there with nothing to show except... a completed OS they announced at NAMM 2012?

  • Maybe a few more colors of the same old Virus Ti will be demonstrated at Winter NAMM 2013, and that is if they even bother attending that show. Plus still promise OS5 for 2014 :D

  • a release version of OS5 is planned for the next days. there will be rather cosmetic changes in comparison the the last public beta which is stable and works great for the most of us. apologies for the delay but those who have installed the last public beta are running pretty much what the release version is.

    as for "#1 digital synth 2012" and nonsense: it was music radar readers who voted the virus to be their favorite synth in 2012, not much nonsense about that ...…the-world-today-220357/23