• thanks.
    Regardless, I would still like to know how I can do something similar with the VIRUS if possible.

    Will try find samples from the Roland and Korg you suggested.. Or do you have any examples?

    ;) Cheers.

  • well, a similar effect can be achieved in a countless number of ways; find a wavetable you like, find a note you like, and modulate the index with something, like an LFO, and maybe to add this low frequency pumping effect you could modulate with the same LFO in unipolar mode the frequency of a completely open and slightly resonant HP filter, Which might do the "pulsating part" for the evolving part, though the sample is very short, you could add a slow modulation (or automate in your daw) to increase progressively the frequency of a lp filter, or the oscillators pitch, or to get a slightly different effect, more horrific somehow, just one of the oscillators, or go another way, using a grain or formant oscillator, slowly modulating the F-shift. Unless you want to create that exact same sound, which is feasible of course but tricky, creating something similar is just a matter of understanding what to modulate, my impression is that there is some periodic LF modulation that also seems to radically change the harmonic content, and a progressive opening of the sound, which sounds a lot like a LP filter opening.
    hope this helps

  • I actually hear two sounds in there. One is a bass sound of detuned saws (much like the init patch) which has its pitch sliding upwards slowly - can be done with low rate saw LFO in ENV mode affecting pitch negatively. The second layer sounds like a chord (probably sawtooth as well), going through filter(s) (could be vowel filter or a parallel routing combination of the main filters), which have their parameters (cutoff/resonance) controlled by a random source such as S&H LFO-s.
    Hope this helps as well.

  • I could hear the highest part of the sound go up in pitch as well, and the modulation looked a bit too weird to be just a filter, which was the thing leading me tosuggest going to the wavetables. the LFO could be periodic, could be a S&H... who the hell knows, it's a 2.8 seconds sample!