Stand-Alone Editor for MULTIS!!!!!

  • New VIRUS Ti2 Keyboard customer. I am fundamentally a keyboard player and I love to have both hands on a keyboard with split/layered sounds.

    I've created templates in Ableton and Logic that quickly allow me to have separate Virus sounds laid out across the keyboard and use VC. Although I've got it under control to a great extent, I still cannot stand the latency and sync drift when using the Virus inside my DAW so it drives me crazy to play that way.

    On the other hand, if I dump VC and set up my own multis and sync through MIDI, everything is flawless and playing becomes fun again. Only problem is that deep editing of sounds and setting up Multis from the front panel can be a real b*tch after a while.

    So, I know this has been asked before, but I have the feeling that it could be easily implemented. So PLEASE give us a stand-alone multi editor/librarian.


  • While I would completely agree that a midi oriented standalone editor/librarian for patch and multi's would be a great thing, I doubt that Access would focus energy in that direction rather than os improvements.

    There is though, a project with ctrlr that is focused on a standalone editor... and its covered in a thread here on the topic on one of the rooms...perhaps you can support and encourage multis's into that activity?..

  • does this ctrlr work for anyone? Ive tried for the last couple of months to get it to work with my TI Keyboard and doesnt work...
    (I keep hoping the nightly build of ctrlr will fix it, as it does keep changing the issues!)

  • @Noelb: Did you try working through a DAW but without VC? connect MIDI controller -> computer --USB-> Virus --audio-> mixer/monitor/soundcard. Put the Virus in sequencer mode. Set up all the DAW tracks with their MIDI filters. The destination of all the tracks should be "Virus MIDI Synth out", each to a different channel. Select different sounds using MIDI bank/patch messages, and play the controller. In the case of your keyboard Virus, it acts as a controller through "Virus MIDI synth in".
    Hope this helps.

  • +1 for this MULTI standalone editor!

    This is exactly the case here: there are (lot of?) users like us that use Virus old fashioned MIDI way. Why? Of course it's because of these countless latency and sync issues. As I've said many times, at least in my setup TI is unfortynately still quite far from total. I could perhaps use TI if I would use only Virus in my Logic but if I take any other synth - hardware or VST - there's too much trouble of making them sing together.

    Is this standalone editor/librarian too much to ask from Access? It seems to me that they refuse to admit that there's anything wrong with their perfect creature "TI". They think that problem is with us. We cannot make it work. Well, perhaps I am just stupid cause I have spent quite a lot of time with TI and still there's allways some problems with it. To me it's just much more simple and liable to use my Virus via MIDI...

  • Hi, there is a news on this type of editor?
    i usually use my TI Polar in Ableton live with 16 parts..
    Before today i never used the MULTI function but for a new project i need to configure my Polar
    for Gig withouth computer...

    At this time multi is configurable only via front panel?

  • realistically, Access are never going to produce anything else (as much as people can want it!)

    People keep saying this "they (Access) will never release any MIDI-editor/librarian...". But why? If Access really think like that IMO it's quite arrogant way of treating their customers. Because so many people - myself included - have expressed their wish to have editor/librarian via MIDI. Does making MIDI-editor mean to admit that perhaps TI isn't perfect after all? IMO this is stupid way of thinking, cause there're many reasons to use Virus with MIDI (not usb). Well, I have to admit that big reason is obviously all those latency and sync issues which aren't there when you use Virus with good old MIDI. Other reason is perhaps that your synth studio is based on MIDI setup; all synths communicate with MIDI. In my case I have both reasons to use MIDI with my Polar.

    Anyway to me it's a big shame that lot of power of Virus remains unrealized cause I cannot (easily) use editor/librarian in my setup. For example, all those sound sets: while possible, it's really pain to use them in my projects.

  • As a new Virus ti2 desktop user, I would like to have the opportunity to play and program the my brand new 1700€ virus over a standalone app
    on win x64. Please, I don't think it is a big deal, just a modification of the already coded Virus Control.
    Thank you and please, don't forget us.

  • Fast answer from Access Support, but no solution :thumbdown:
    "Dear Jose,There are currently no plans for a stand-alone version of the Virus TI plugin.
    Best wishes,Jörg Hüttner"