Virus Ti automation problem

  • Hello therei hope someone can help me with an issue with my ti 2.
    i work on cubase 7 win 64 bit pc.
    and when i try to write an automation on the fx 1 tab,it dosent record it no matter how many times i try,but when i record an automation in the first tab the main tab then its no problem and it can record,but i need to record an automation in the fx 1 tab,what can i do to fix this please?
    thank you for the help.

  • thank you for the fast reply,can you please explain how can i do both?
    im not sure if i have the vst 3,but lets say i have it,how can i check both methods to see if they work?
    thank you so much for your time,hope i can get it to work.

  • it seems like i dont have it in the plugins menu,i have virus ti and virus ti snow...

    what can i do to make the automation work in vst 2?
    the automation for the first tab works fine,but for the fx1 tab it dosent.

  • OK, let's make it work with VST2:
    - Make sure that the part you want to automate is selected
    - If it is a multi-selection effect (e.g. the filterbank) make sure that the desired effect is selected (e.g. vowel filter)
    - Right click on the image of the knob for the parameter you want to automate (e.g. vowel)
    - The first right click menu option is "Add <parameter name> <part number> to automation" - select it
    - It is added at the end of the automation list (after the "easy page" parameters of all the parts)
    Good luck!