A librarian ...

  • Well, I would like to be able to use the VC only as a librarian running from a small netbook using usb, and being able to send clock and midi data from my main DAW using the std midi ports as I don't use the usb audio.
    That's what I use with the korg M3 and Radias as they are on the opposite side of my mains pc monitors.
    The TI is on the side which is a bit easier but I still would prefer using one of these cheap netbooks just over my polar (cheaper than a new graphic card + monitor, and more usefull) just to run the VC for visual feedback and some tweaking.
    And my main pc would deal with the clock, midi in/out play/rec stuf.

  • I agree that this would be of great benefit. I use my Virus in a rock band format that will never incorporate a Mac /DAW etc and don't get the maximum potential from the synth, being unable to access all patches quickly. The cheap notebook idea would be the perfect solution. It works fine on my Roland kit.

  • Great idea - I'm all for it. I'd benefit hugely from it, as a Snow user (I like the VC's mouse-driven, graphical editing) who uses an unsupported DAW (DP7). It'd allow good timing (MIDI clock, analogue outputs - reliable!), and full recall from project to project in the DAW.

  • There has been a long-standing request for a standalone VC application - dont forget that in VC mode you can still treat it as a virus in standalone, only you lose multi mode.

    For those who are desperate, im sure you can find a free lightweight mini-VST host to try to approximate this...

  • Actually it's not a standalone I'm asking for, I have enought host that can do the trick.
    I want to be able to use both midi inputs (midiport +usb midi), so I can edit on one computer with the VC, while the other deals with midi and clock messages directly to the midi port. And no audio, as I'm using the analogs out.

  • You could do this already by routing the midi in of the virus to the virus synth midi device using your DAW. I'm a bit vague on how you do it, but its similar how I work anyway, I have VC open on my pc managing presets, etc. and then I have a USB midi keyboard I route directly into the virus via the DAW, either via the USB midi device on the keyboard OR via the midi input on the virus (using a midi cable) - there's no reason that could not be the midi output from any other device...

  • Are you sure about that ??? If I open the VC it will only connect if the usb is plugged. Then If I try to send midi thru the normal midi ports it is ignored.

    Speaking about visual feedback, I just got my blofeld this morning and I really like the larger lcd with some graphics. I would be pretty happy if I had that on the TI.

  • What I would like, and which I do with some of my other synth, is to send the standard midi stuff (keyboard, rec. tracks, clock,..) from my main daw using a std midi connection, and use a small netbook that is connected to the usb port. This netbook just runs the editors, for visual feedback or patch selection/edition.

    The problem with the TI is that the midi port is disabled when the usb port is connected and you have to send the midi thru the VC, nothing else works.
    I could send the midi to the other pc, make it go thru the vc, but that would add a bunch of extra latency.
    And even in live mode, using the vc directly, and using the analog outs adds latency (go figure why ).

    It's funny that I had to pay for that usb integration, that I can't use and even makes my life miserable. I mean kind of funny...

    I guess the all thing is aimed at newcomers that want an all in one solution, or even worse, to dj's :evil:

  • Why can't you load the presets from VC on the netbook?

    Sorry, it sounds like i'm being awkward here. Im just trying to understand your problem...

    I just cant see why you dont:

    #1 Run VC on the netbook with some mini VST host or something.

    #2 Within that host (or using midi yoke or whatever) route the midi in port on the virus to either the ' virus midi synth' device or directly to the VST.

    #3 Merrily send midi messages into the back of the virus...

  • Not precisely, but its pretty much what I have running right now.

    I have my Virus connected to my PC via USB.

    I also have my CME UF-7 plugged via midi into the back of the virus.

    Obviously, when VC is running, the CME ceases to operate the Virus - SO;

    I use FL Studio, and in FL I use MID2VST (from tobybear) to route the midi messages coming from the virus input to the VC VST - works perfectly, patch changes and everything.

    What are you trying?

  • Obviously, when VC is running, the CME ceases to operate the Virus - SO;

    That's the problem, this works with the radias and some other synth, but not the TI, and IMO that sucks.

    Also be aware that, when the VC is running, it's the VC that sends the clock.

    To be able to have the VC running from a netbook while the main computer runs the daw, I would have to connect the USB port to the net book, then the MIDI routing would be:

    TI Polar -> netbook
    netbook to main DAW
    Main DAW to the netbook
    netbook to the TI

    Note that the DAW would also have to send the clock to the netbook, and that the mini-host can sync with that clock.
    This would be a real nightmare to setup and the latency would be really bad.

    That's why I would like to be able to use both ports (midi+usb) one being only used for the vc, and that the vc doesn't deal with any audio or trying to send the clock (that's my job).

    I'm doing this with both the korg radias, m3. and the motif xs rack. I don't even have to start the netbook, as it's only used for editing or visual feedback.

    Btw, my midi setup is a bit complicated as I have 6 keyboards (3 of them can also be splitted), 2 midi guitars, a bunch of controllers and foot pedals/switches. Any one of my keyboards/controller can acces any synth (HW or SW), single or layered.
    Also I use at least 3 apps, bidule that handles all the midi, Cubase for linear recording and live for pattern triggering.
    All the audio is handled by an PF2626 + 2x ADA8000, so I have 25 analogs inputs (really don't need that usb crap) and actually I use only 2 channels of the TI, don't need 16.

    Anyway, I can live without the VC, though it would be nice to have it.

    But maybe you could help me with this, should I get a standard electric fretless, an e-upright or an e-cello ? ;)

  • I too am very frustrated with the lack of a librarian only version of VC. I work in DP7, so in order to access all the VC features I have to stop working, plug the USB lead in to my laptop, make any changes or access patches, unplug the USB and continue. No recall within the song apart from midi patch information which I have to update in Cherrypicker EVERY TIME I go through this process.

    Come on Access: It's a great synth, and I'm sure there's a good reason why it's not supported in DP, but give us a librarian, PLEASE!!!

  • I jus bought a virus TI2 desktop and... this USB latency is really ruining all the thing !

    I'm using Ableton Live 8 Suite, and the sync is correct only if I use Virus Conrol and the analog outputs. If I use the USB output, that's just horrible... HUGE desynchronisation.... (nearly 50 ms)

    Please Access... are you serious ??!!

    Ableton Live is one of the most used daw actually, and I'm using it for live gigs !! Being unable to use all the outputs of this synth reduce its interest by half for me... and I'm already thinking about selling it.
    Live has a automatic latency compensation. You should at least tune your USB outs latency information to make it match !!

    what's the problem here?

    Anyway, this is why I'm adding a reply here to ask for a "EDIT ONLY" VST. Please.

  • Have you at least tried to set it up correctly as explained in the setup guide? I'm sure all the other people using the Virus with Live aren't experiencing this "un-usability" or the whole forum would be filled up with the same complaints as it's quite a common setup. The last time I tried the combo (Win 7 x64, Live 8 demo, Virus TI2 - to help another user sort out his setup) the usb out worked just fine with the usual low latency. As a user, I'd suggest you check your own setup to see if something's wrong, and if you can't sort it out at all, contact support about it.

    p.s. nice "99.9 °C" track.

  • I made everything as described in the tutorial exemple and the setup guide !

    I wanted to use the analog out in parrallel with the USB outs thru VC, and as I explaindes, the result was a HUGE desynchronised latency (more than 50 ms).

    I use my setup for live gigs. I need a low latency. I used to do gigs with some VSTi and quite-instant latency so the problem isn't coming from my audio config. If the USB audio links with the Virus add so much latency, I wont use them.
    I do not want to use the Virus as my audio interface, as I have a MOTU 828 mkIII, and by buying the Virus I wanted to buy a synth, not a soundcard !

    So, for now I'm using only the 6 analog outs (and I had to trim one of them to +8dB because of level difference...) and controlling via the VirusSynth USB MIDI connection (using the "External Instrument" device in Ableton Live), and the latency is really good. But this mean I cannot use the Virus Control to be more confortable when working on sound design.
    This is why I join all the people here to ask for an "edit only" version of the VC.

    PS : thanks ;)

  • Also, I like to point out that, if Virus TI is used with / within Virus Control, the tone / sound changes! It gets weaker, thinner, or whatever one may choose to describe. Gets obvious when compared with the same TI in stand-alone mode, triggered via USB.

    So, with VC, Virus TI gets the timing problem and the sound quality problem...

    Isn't a Virus a musical instrument? And it is not a cheap one, either.

    It is said that there are 3 elements in music; pitch, rhythm (timing), tone (sound).

    This professional musical instrument is not doing very good in two areas!

    Yes, we have that "D" for Direct monitoring, and "Live" for Live mode.... But those does not solve the problems. And to use those features, constantly pressing those buttons hundreds of times, and constantly adjusting and shifting notes for correct timing can not be avoided. (Feels like using MS products)

    And, we got our own Virus TI, we expect to use the editor and librarian, because it is advertised as so. Being able to edit, store, and recall setting is inseparable part of Virus TI.

    TI for Total Integration? Total Integration does not work with Live, Sonar, DP, FL, etc...

    I don't know much about this sort of things, but it seems like it is impossible to expect Total Integration with all DAW in current situation.

    So, take that TI part out of window! (Use TI for Totally Incredible!) And, let us choose how we use our Viruses. The most owners probably have a better audio interface anyway, so that Total Integration is not needed by all, if not most of us.

    Why can't we have VC without that crippled Total Integration audio part? It should not be so hard to make one, since everything is there, just need to take some out, right?

    So, anyway...

    I was looking for a solution for years, and I think there are two things we, not I or any individuals, can do, at this point.

    1. Ask / Pressure Access Collectively - We spread words and call up all the Virus owners and we all send emails to Access, or something like that, if we have some better ideas. I guess we will need organize (minimal) ourselves for this one.

    2. Ask and request an editor @ Ctrlr.org - Check out ctrlr.org. It is free VST, AU, stand alone hardware synth editor project website. Editor for Virus A,B,C is started, but, it seems like TI will not be included. Maybe if there are enough request, TI version may get start, too. B

    But, I am guessing the full editor functionality, as VC, may not be expected. "Librarying" (tagging, importing or exporting data) or remote control, etc, may not be the same. And it may take a while...

    So, come on, let's do something about it, since Access is not doing much about this.

    And, If some think it is needed, start a new thread.

    Man~ I hope I don't get kicked out secretly for this posting... :D