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    Hi folks,

    something weird going on with my Polar.

    When in either Multi or Single mode. none of the LEDs other than BPM are illuminated.

    As soon as I press an Edit button (for any section) the LEDs spring into life as you would expect them to display at any other time.

    It's almost as if there's some kind of weird mode been invoked to avoid you being disturbed during a performance with all of the LEDs illuminated but I can't find how to get it back to normal if I have inadvertently put it into some kind of 'mode' ?

    Any ideas ? I'm in the process of trying to re-flash it to see if that brings it back...



    I'd reinstall the firmware using VCC when you do get a connection.

    Also consider doing a full reset holding down the AARP button whilst connecting the power.

    Also don't use USB 3 ports - mine don't like them. Use USB 2.0

    I use AURA as a librarian, in conjunction with VCC.

    So I backup ROMS using Aura as it's better at it that VCC which can't do it full stop, and then restore using VCC as required between my devices.

    I hardly ever use TI. I prefer to just use MIDI with the 16 parts multitimbral in Multi mode the old-skool way.

    TI is fine if all you're doing is recording but if you're performing too (I like to play some parts and just mute them within the DAW whilst doing so) then Multi mode I find is far better. I appreciate there are some limitations but this is the way I grew up...

    Couldn't find an answer to this on the site despite searching and it's very simple.

    From Virus Control Centre (VCC) head up to Advanced and the option is there - 'Restore to factory defaults'

    Also very useful in there you can rename your Virus - if you have multiples as I do 'Set Device Name' makes it much easier when working within VCC to know which synth is which.

    I've 3 x virus.

    The TI2 identifies itself as "Robs virus TI2"

    The Darkstar and Polar both identify as "Virus"

    Clearly the name can be changed as I've done it before but I can't find where to do it or remember how,

    Any suggestions appreciated.



    From personal experience I can state that in usb3 ports on my Mac 5.1 the virus does not play well.

    Shouldn't make a difference but does make a difference.

    It appears to connect up just fine but is unusable with us 3.

    AFAIK though, the TI plugin can't manage your multis and then save them back to the Virus like the Aura plugin does ?

    As soon as I come out of SEQ mode, my multis are 'as they were' which when I'm not working in SEQ mode is not great for me - unless I'm talking nonsense of course in which case feel free to correct me !

    As I've mentioned I use MULTI mode a lot and the TI plugin only seems to manage the Multis when in SEQ mode.

    Also it can't backup an entire bank of patches in Single mode - again unless I'm talking nonsense.

    It also only has one window of patches displayed at a time so dragging and dropping is not as easy - in Aura I can drag and drop from one bank to another.

    I like both for their own merits.

    In TI mode AURA sucks. In multi mode I get hung notes constantly so it's definitely not flawless by a long chalk but at least somebody is doing something to carry on where Access themselves have given up which can only be a bonus for us all - and they're still developing...

    Is that right?

    If I always reference the Ram and always change the sound only in the single RAM patch then it makes no difference which multi I use as I'm always referencing the Ram bank.

    Never had a problem working with this ethos so far. I understand what you're saying but if you always work, no matter what, referencing the Ram patch then you're safe surely no matter what multi number you're using?

    Agree with this Oli. They both have their place. The TI software is better when working in seq mode hands down but for managing your library, Aura every day.

    As always it's finding out what works for you.

    For me, the TI plug in can't do half the things I want a decent librarian tool to do. Aura steps in there but doesn't replace it.