TIOS Public Beta has been released

  • You should check if it still clips with the patch INIT it's the default patch when you load VC,
    it's also in many banks if you use hardware standalone.
    I couldn't make mine replicate the problem with several different patches.

  • I was on vista 64 and i have buy windows 7 32bit to use the virus, it
    work fine but there is no sound when i press a key, i have to use
    another keyboard to listen it ? There is no signal from TI to ableton 8
    Every buttons on the virus works except pitch bend and keyboard i think

    Edit : if i use pitchbend on my other keyboard it work... lol

    Edit #2 : as i have see on another thread the GUI is a little slow

  • As soon as the TI detects a USB connection, it automatically goes into Local OFF mode. You can turn it on under CONFIG > Keyboard 1. Maybe that's the cause of your problem. Others could be the wrong MIDI Channel it receives on or something.

    Best regards,


  • Hello ! I try to turn the local mode to ON and i have the same problem, there is no VIRUS i can choose in the "midi input" menu, and for sure no midi signal when i press a key ;)
    Thanks for your help :)

  • Im on win7 32bit. When i install this i get an note saying that the driver is not installed properly (error 6 at the end). Then i check Cubase 5.1, load the virus plugin. Driver blabla Failed.

    Then i open up Nuendo, FL Studio. Both starting virus good. Expect the Laging Gui..... I just bought the Virus TI 1 desktop!!!!!! I wanna use my Cubase, not sell'm

  • I notice few bugs:

    In Virus Control Center
    _if I plug virus ti on usb port before launching VCC, I have a blue screen when virus ti is on the update os mode
    so I first launch VCC and next plug the virus, it's working nice
    _when I choose a bank corresponding to a .mid file (to burn it in the rom memory) it is not the one I select in the list that apperas in the app, so I burn not the good .mid file
    solution: to put the .mid in a new folder, like this, VCC does not be wrong longer (one choice possible only in the new sub menu)

    On the Virus himself:
    _Shift to access at the reverb feedback is not working normaly, we have to wait damping dialog to be close and to push shift for few seconds until use the knob to access at reverb feedback instead of damping
    _a small one: OSC1 and OSC2 semitone are displaced by one caractere

    reagards (sorry for my english I'm french)

  • I had problems right after installing as well.

    Firstly, the atomizor no longer works in Logic 9.02. If it is on input mode, it works fine... but as soon as I switch to atomizor, there is silence. I've tried loading other atomizor patches, restarting the virus, logic, and the computer, and taking out the chords of the virus, and pressing arp edit on startup. no luck.

    I tried using the atomozior in the latest version of live, and it works fine.

    also, I used to be able to restart the virus while logic was open.... it would then reload the VC. now, it gets stuck about halfway, through (with the little white status thingys in the VC). I have to fully quit logic, restart the virus, and then open logic again.


  • Not sure if it is relevant or not. Perhaps Access have had other cases, or found this out themselves, but just yesterday, upon starting a new project VC would not load and kept throwing me an error about the Audio Driver Failing and that I should try and restart the Virus/VC or reinstall the software. Not had this previous in 32 bit mode on XP, but this was on Windows 7 64. Might not be much, but thought I would mention it in case it could help in a future update to the driver.

  • Seems to work OK using below configuration however VC UI is slow to respond - clicking on things, changing tabs, patches etc.

    Windows 7 (64 Bit)
    Ableton Live 8
    Intel Core 2 Extreme 3 GHz
    GeForce 9800 GX2