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    Is there an updated TI setup guide to reflect current DAWs (Versions) Marc? I know how hard you guys have worked on this so I don't doubt it should be spot on. I've just upped my buffer size and it appears to be cool, and of course sounds as amazing as ever. Not here to throw a spanner in the works, just want it to be as reliable as I can get it. Was there any positive feedback on the Thunderbolt / USB devices? Just want the best out of this beautiful synth. X

    You're missing the point I do believe, correct me if I'm wrong! Of course the track is record ready when in focus. The point here is if you move to another track, let's say another virtual instrument that steals the record ready status then the TI goes out of sync. You know how closed the Apple OS is and there is not a lot you can do wrong surely? Perhaps my TI has been faulty from day one?

    I should be celebrating really, it's ten years since I've owned it and every system I have had it's never really been any different, that includes Windows too. I think it needs a trip to repair HQ.

    Marc, we've been here before. As long as the record button is illuminated tempo sync etc appears to be cool, but not always - but much better than if it was not. I'm not in the business of making up fairy tales, considering the amount of capital I put in to my equipment. If you want a video, I'll give you a video and show you exactly what happens. Basing your findings on 8 tracks of Stylus is cool, but what happens when you introduce the multitude of other plugins that are available? It's not a fair comparison.

    Hi maddyman,

    I can confirm the issue is still present in Logic X (10.2.4) and is very frustrating. I am running a MacPro late 2013 6 core with 64GB of RAM and OSX El Capitan 10.11.6.

    It's been like this since forever and I very much doubt there will ever be a fix, so good old DIN is an option or get your Virus part bang on and bounce it out, keeping the TI part incase you need to tweak! Even with record enabled, any arp parts are prone to drifting - an age old problem.

    Hope that helps.

    Is that the final word on the street? I've had my Virus TI MK1 keyboard since 2006, so ten years of free innovative software updates is not bad imho considering other manufacturers have no such thing, sold as seen as it were. I understand the gripes, as I've had a few over the years but I'm enjoying the TI right now and this will probably curse me but she's working nice!

    I had noticed it's gone a bit quiet round here but no news is good news? Just my thoughts.

    Yep, just checked only the one channel with headphones as per EvilGus above. Always thought there was something strange going on but have only recently (always!) questioned it but have investigated it further recently having taken things a little more seriously :)

    Indeed it would be the only balanced synth I own, even my Prophet 12 (I guess high end) has unbalanced outputs. Never the less, the TI was marketed differently as we have discovered and if I dig out the original supplied printed manual I'm pretty sure this is what has been printed in the specs too, although has possibly disappeared from the online pdf version. Conspiracy theories! :D

    An official answer would be nice as I'll switch the input on my interface to +10, however I've found the levels with that to be a bit too hot in most cases compared to the USB output.

    Oh man, I need a beer :P

    I think I asked a similar question here not so long ago. These were the specs I believed the MK1 to be (below) but i'm not so sure as selecting +4dB on my apollo input makes the TI very quiet with balance cables compared to +10dB and the USB output.

    Studio Grade Converters192 Khz studio grade D/A converters (+4dB balanced output), with soft limiting algorithm. 24 bit A/D converters. The Virus produces one of the hottest signals in the industry. Live keyboards can leave their DI boxes at home and plug the symmetrical outputs right into the stage box (special cable required).

    Hi Folks,

    Breaking news...!

    My Mac Pro had to go in for repairs recently so I hooked up my Macbook Pro whilst that was happening. What I had forgotten though was I had enrolled my Macbook into the El Capitan beta program. Upon hooking stuff up and updating software etc. (inc TI beta), to my surprise everything was working just fine.

    To cut a long story short, the late 2013 Mac Pro will allow the Virus TI (MKI in my case) to work on a Belkin hub without disabling E-Licenser or iLok with El Capitan installed.

    I wasted a day of my life trying to get the TI working with Yosemite and eventually buckled and installed the Apple El Capitan beta on my Mac Pro. Now works on all my hubs etc but of course I give my special machine it's own little place :)

    I have to say, for a beta this OS is far superior and so far is a joy to work with, plus I've got my TI back. Wether this was a joint fix between Apple and Access I'll never know but that's the fix guys. If you're not pushed I'd recommend giving it a whirl.

    Marc, my hard work deserves a T-Shirt, Mug (me), or DarkStar..........Thanks :)

    Ah great thanks. They used to just be there with the downloads but looks like things have been categorised nicely now :)

    Hi Chaps,

    Very intrigued with this Kanex TB to USB adapter. Electroandy, what computer are you using? Wouldn't mind a bit more info before I shell out £80!

    Also, the eSata would be more useful to me, I wonder if there are any differences spec wise. Might ping them to try and find out.



    I have a new Mac Pro running Yosemite and have access to both Cubase 7.5 and Logic X and would be interested in testing this for you. My only confusion is you list above TI, but state at the bottom users must have an A,B or C. I only have a MKI Virus TI. I have various MIDI interfaces to try with this.



    I really wish I could add something of worth to this, but I was also intrigued!

    I have to say, with the latest software update my TI is working incredibly well on Yosemite despite the sharing message and I've never been happier (unusual for me that ;)! The only TB unit I have seen is a Belkin one that includes a multitude of other connectors and is rather expensive. Access - can you get one in your lab to test it out?


    What Virus have you got exactly, and what OS / Sequencer / computer are you using? I'm guessing it's gold plated seen as yours works so well. There are limited options on a new Mac Pro so there is definitely an issue here. To make such a bold statement in my opinion is quite ridiculous.