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    Aj: You can get the plugin integration to perform better if you have the time and patience to look into how your USB buses and devices are connected (both internal/onboard and external). I'm sure that if you move things around, disable the things you don't need and upgrade drivers that are not up-to-date you can find a place for the Virus where it can get all the bandwidth it needs.

    No sir.

    I've had this synth from new and have run it on numerous operating systems both windows and mac. It's like the tanks Hitler had made. In theory wonderful, but they just didn't work. And as for drivers? What does that mean in the world of mackintosh?

    There is a Root Hub issue whether using a physical USB hub or not.

    The root hub issue is NOT caused by your MAC. None of my other devices have issues. I am running 6 peripherals on one StarTech hub.

    There is no latency on my other peripheral devices in the USB hub. The virus TI at max runs 17mbit data. This is negligible in the USB 3.0 environment.

    The issue is with VC.

    We are definitely having the same problems here. I have two Belkin MTT 7 port hubs, everything works great except the TI MK1 keyboard. It's nothing unusual unfortunately and tech support is minimal.

    I would post my support history here, but I'd rather recommend a good book.

    It's usually a sign of a company in decline. If you're looking for spares, now might be the time.

    Interested here in the UK. My backlight in the TIMK1 keyboard is fine but I have missing lines (vertically) on the LCD display. Happy to sort it out myself however, not been impressed with the performance of this hardware since day one (2006) and I'm wondering if it needs attention. Works fine standalone but USB has always let me down.


    i have 2 eLicensers and 2 iLoks on a belkin 7 port hub and the virus on another port. it works as expected.

    What version ilok and elicenser are you referring to and what computer do you use Marc? I have an iLok 2 and the current elicenser (I presume!) that actually has elicenser printed on the key. I have a couple of pervious steinberg ones I could try.


    i have a belkin 7 port hub for all the keys and one in between the TI and my mac. unless you put nothing else into the hub serving the TI, this should work good. make sure you use a power supply on the hub with the licensers.
    best, marc

    Hi Marc,


    It would seem I have a unique problem here unless I'm missing something obvious!

    Are you familiar with the new mac pro usb ports? All I know is there are four of them and they are usb 3 and appear to share resources, hence the message from the TI when loading up the plugin.

    Since this is only a problem with the Elicenser and Ilok, I put them on their own exclusive ports straight into the mac pro, each port should supply enough current for them you'd think?

    I put the TI into its very own Belkin 7 port hub, psu and all, and then it's very own port on the mac pro(as you suggested). Thats like a pent house suite if you ask me :) But still the licensers are disabled until I unplug the TI and they fire up immediately.

    I'm rather baffled by this to be honest. I've never had this before, ever.

    My concerns are either the hubs are faulty, the OSX drivers are buggy, the TI drivers are buggy, or worse than that the mac pro usb configuration is bad and thats all you'll get :(

    Just to confirm, the TI 'WILL NOT' let my licensers work, even when I dedicate a whole belkin hub and a dedicated mac pro port for it. The only way I can get them to work together is by plugging the TI into the lower left mac pro usb port, tried and tested.

    It seems like a power issue to me but the belkins psu are supposedly giving out 3.5amps per hub plus built in should be dishing out enough current to feed a couple of keys. Why would plugging in the TI, that requires no resources into any hub / port bar one knock out my protection devices?!


    Hi Folks,

    Weird one here.

    I've just got a new Mac Pro and have been configuring it. I've got the 6-Core base model which has 4 USB 3 Ports. Annoyingly, everything seems to lump on to the same bus so there doesn't appear to be a way to get rid of the message when loading the virus plugin in Cubase (sharing resources with..). I've tried every port with the TI on its own.

    I have two Belkin F5U237 7 port USB 2 powered hubs (new one arrived today) that show up as USB 2 MTT hubs in system report so I thought I'd try the TI on these as they had been recommend in the past and to be fair they have been excellent. Whenever the TI is plugged in to either of these hubs though or any of the two remaining ports on the front of the Mac Pro, the license centres can't find the keys and throw up error messages. Obviously I can't run Cubase or my plugins without them!

    After a lot of investigation I put it down to the fact the power supply had gone on the original hub with the license keys in as I read some reports that the elicenser required a lot of current and presumed it wasn't getting enough and therefore not working with other peripherals plugged into that hub that also required current. That's why I ordered a new identical hub because the power supply was actually more expensive! Anyway, having tested the supply it appeared to be working fine and plugging the keys in without the connection to the computer did indeed confirm the power supply was working so that turned out to be a wild goose chase. Also, what baffled me further on this is that the TI does not require any power from the hub!

    Has anybody got the slightest idea why the TI would knock out my license keys when plugging it in pretty much anywhere? The Reason dongle which uses code meter and basically shows up as a hard drive is not affected at all so perhaps that could be a clue? Not a great start to my Mac Pro experience!



    I also have this exact same problem, rescan MIDI finds the TI again. But also when in the middle of a project sometimes (Cubase, the TI throws a fit and the whole MIDI input from it goes crazy resulting in huge latency / sporadic input from the TI keyboard into Cubase. I'm guessing this would happen with any DAW though. The only way to fix this is to reboot the TI and sometimes scan MIDI again.

    I also have all of the above problems.

    To make it a bit clearer...

    We all know 48Khz has been acknowledged, cool. The TI does lose connection as of this OS update. The only way I have been able to rectify it is by physically moving the USB cable to another port, do the TI reset method then go to Audio/MIDI utility and rescan the MIDI and it does tend to show up after that. Please note that is MIDI only as the TI does appear to be available as an audio interface, it's the MIDI that drops out for me.

    With regards to latency, it does tend to have a mind of its own. I'm quite experienced with that one which is why I find / edit a patch and use it standalone. Still, does not work as advertised.

    I gave up years ago trying to be helpful as I just got frustrated and probably annoyed a few people due to these obvious technical difficulties beyond our control.

    I will say this though - If Access would decline and follow the route of the editor like that of the Moog Sub Phatty, which I also own, I think we may all be a lot happier. Bare in mind I don't use the TI as an audio interface here so I don't need to rely on that side of things as others may, but that's where I'm coming from. Built in librarian too, cant be that hard can it? USB for MIDI only, hardware audio outputs routed to my DAW via my interface (apollo in this case although that makes no difference!).

    At this point I give up and download betas / updates and hope for the best.

    I think I'm going to sell mine. It's a great synth and everything but everything which has got something to do with connecting the synth with the computer is a horrible experience. :wacko:

    I've had a MK1 since 2006 and this is still a problem getting a reliable experience with the VC. I've been through several Macs and the same troubles plague this synth via USB, I think a recall is in order :)

    Seriously though, I've been sat here for half an hour trying to get Mavericks to see the TI with 5.0.8. It's like a few people I know, they work when they fancy. Rubbish.

    You should make cereal, nobody would question it that way.

    I'm using my TI as an external instrument these days, you know, good old fashioned MIDI.

    I wouldn't say it works 100% that way, but it's a damn site better than the VC junk I've had the misfortune to have wasted the last whatever years on.

    It's a shame you seem to be blinkered on this. Moog have put out a very reliable library / editor for my Sub Phatty. Available standalone or plugin. Open your minds.

    I'd sell it tomorrow, but it's plagued with a display fault that seems to be quite common.

    I'm happy because you're not building aircraft, that would be a problem don't you think?

    Cheap components, poor build quality.

    Just to finish this off with my findings after a complete re-install...

    Disabling pre-roll in Logic solves the sync problem when the TI plugin is inserted. The result of this though is the first note, or bar is totally out of sync but catches up on the second. Works fine on the loop around.

    The biggest problem however is when trying to bounce, everything falls apart, totally unusable.

    Perhaps Access could acknowledge this as being a problem, or is it in fact a problem with Logic? Or both?! The fact it only happens when the TI is in use, you know where the finger is pointing!

    I'll contact both via official support.


    Interesting replies to this, thanks all.

    I had believed the TI would ignore the midi clock, and I have tried all ways round being an owner of this synth for quite some time! But, none of this answers the original question! Something is clearly disrupting sync between Logic, with the TI plugin inserted and Rewire protocol.

    The interesting fact is that the TI etc is locked when using Reasons transport as oppose to Logics unless pre-roll is disabled. I thought pre-roll was a recommended setting for the TI, unless something changed?

    Currently reinstalling so will report back :)


    It's got something to do with the pre-roll setting in project settings in Logic Jörg.

    Logic and Reason work fine with this box checked until the TI plugin is inserted and then the sync between the two is off. Turn off pre-roll and this seem to fix the problem although the first bar is out (TI arp) and even though Logic and Reason seem in Sync, the TI seems to drift slightly but it's almost there!


    Hi Jörg,

    Plugin compensation set to 'ALL' as per norm just wanted to check incase it had changed.

    Did a little trouble shooting on this and have found that by using the transport in Reason the metronome / TI (eg arp) stays locked. The trouble appears to happen when using Logics transport controls, everything is out.

    I've checked all the obvious settings but no joy. Any ideas?

    All the best,