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    And there is most certainly some odd behaviour when switching between Dierct, USB and the Live button config. I have noticed this before, latency seems to increase even when using direct. Pressing the live button seems to get things straight again but something seems odd.

    Hi Folks,

    Been running this for a fairly brief amount of time in Lion and all seems great other than a few anomalies.

    Previous projects have developed high frequency crackling, not all but it does seem to be there. Strange thing being I have tried the same patches from a fresh start and all seems well however there is no automation going on with the new project (and no other Au's) so perhaps that is the issue? I would like to call it zipper noise, although it's not really like that.

    Has something changed with regards to output level when using direct? My RME FF800 is set to +4 dBu (as it always has been), I have balanced jacks connected from the TI but the level difference is quite apparent. -10 dBV seems a closer match to what is coming through Logic via USB. I don't see any option in the config to adjust the TI output, unless of course I've missed it!


    Hi Folks,

    I was just playing one of my favourite patches (NinthHvnSV) and the TI reset itself to the init patch on the keyboard. Before this happened I had crackling sounds. I can't seem to reproduce it as of yet, but I added the Vintage Chorus the first time round when it happened. There was a big click and the display was showing the init patch and no sound was playable. The VC still had the patch name as above displayed and there was input activity but no sound output. I power cycled the TI, this did not help but powering on with the Edit / ARP button seemed to reset it and it worked again. Logic 9.1.3.

    it's an attempt to help with finding which window has the focus in logic 9. when it's bright, all the key commands e.g. cursor keys work, if it's not - they don't but at least one knows that and doesn't change the highlighted track...

    best, marc

    As soon as I hit the submit button, I realised it was something like that. I actually thought it was to highlight which patch browser window you were on, I guess it works for that too. The only thing that made me think it was odd was the colour seems to clash a bit with the patch names making it difficult to see on my screen. Could the blue outline around the patch name not serve the same purpose? Cheers.

    I'm looking forward to this release. I really appreciate a fantastic chorus effect recently, which is why :) If I could have it for this weekend, I'd be most grateful as I have a bit of time on my hands! :)

    to my knowledge, nothing in regards on live mode vs. direct monitoring has changed.

    Thanks Marc. It just seemed odd that I have to press the live button to remove latency when using the d button. It turns out that I don't really need the d button anymore as latency is way down with either usb or analog outputs when using the live button to record, so it's all good, perfect sync! Thanks.

    D is for Direct Monitoring, whereas Live reduces latency for playback but disengages sample-precision afaik.
    I don't understand why you are using the D button instead of assigning the desired part to an analog output pair, or I don't understand what you're trying to say altogether

    What does Direct Monitoring mean I wonder? That's right, a latency free path for the audio so you can record without hearing any latency. So, why does the DIRECT button, when switched on have latency on it unless you engage the LIVE button? It was always enough to just press the 'D' button on it's own, is what I was trying to say. I was looking for a response from Marc, but seen as this apparent new method works fine I don't really need one now. I was just trying to clarify what had changed with regards to this functionality in this new version, if any.

    The whole point of my post was - when recording in Logic, I always use the USB outputs so the audio is piped directly into Logics' mixer. Recording with the USB outputs though always felt sluggish because of the latency involved. The solution was to use the 'D' button so the analog outputs 1+2 were coming directly through my audio interface, i.e. Direct Monitoring with no latency then, when done switch it off to resume perfect sync on the USB outputs. All I'm saying is functionality of the whole thing seems different now. I just wanted confirmation. :)

    It would appear that by engaging the 'LIVE' button, all analog outputs (as well as the USB outputs) appear to be 0 (or extremely low) latency making recording a take an absolute pleasure. The 'LIVE' button seems to disengage automatically on playback keeping everything in sync with both analog and USB outputs, kind of making the 'D' button a thing of the past now? I can't see much point in using it myself with this method! I was always under the impression that the 'LIVE' and 'D' buttons were separate entities before, but if the 'LIVE' button is switched off when using the 'D' button there is a noticeable lag (hence my first post). Anyway, this works an absolute treat and now I can route audio out of all three USB and Analog outputs giving me plenty of scope. Did this behaviour change in 4.1 or did I miss it somehow, somewhere in the past!?! My TI has never been better to work with, it's like having a new machine. Am I correct with what I am saying above Marc?

    Cheers. :thumbup:

    I still seem to be having a problem with the direct outs (for recording purposes). I will triple check this again later to be sure but for me there is an audible delay (latency) on the physical analog o/ps that are being fed directly into my RME FF800 when using this feature on the VC. No software monitoring going on anywhere. I found the LIVE button to be bang on though, almost as if it were coming out of the analog o/ps instead. Using Logic 9.1.3 and 10.6.5. Other than that, very nice indeed thankyou!

    Hi Folks,

    Had USB 2 L+R assigned to the 2nd part in the VC and it was all working fine until I loaded my project back up today and although the part was still assigned to USB 2 L+R, the sound was coming out of the USB 1 L+R. Part 1 is assigned to USB 1 L+R. The mixer in Logic is all set up as should be and I'm using a different audio interface for Logic and the TI is set to 3out 1in. It's working again now having switched between various outputs on part 2 for a few seconds. Some kind of glitch? I'll see how she loads up tomorrow. Ta.

    Yes, notes are late. I'm not really sure what Marc meant by negative but I would say they were positive, in a negative kind of way! It works fine most of the time so no big deal. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this when using the 'D' button. :)


    When I say latency, I mean a similar (exact!) effect to using a plugin instrument and changing the buffer size of the host from say 256 to 1024 samples. That kind of delay when triggering notes, only on the analog outputs when using the 'D' button within the VC AU. As I said, it does not happen all the time but seems to be something that creeps in after a while. In other words, the function of the 'D' button fails even though the audio is still being routed to the analog outputs! :wacko:

    Perhaps it is the MIDI note on being delayed for some reason and has in actual fact got nothing to do with the analog o/ps of the TI?! Just a thought.