How to create screetch sound like this

  • Hi, guys this probbably been here few times but i cannot find related reply, how to recreate screetchy sound like this in 0:25 :/ :

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  • Go to UltimateXSounds and buy the appropriate soundset would be my recommendation !!!

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  • So,the TI will be useful for leads and some PADS
    Well done Hardstyle sound bank:

    Then if you are handy enough, you can, in order to have very stylish and current kicks, start from these patches and rework them with a dedicated tool (vst) which combines, like a "Swiss army knife" in a plug-in, the chemistry to get there more easily (without having to have all the vsts of various brands + FL): NIMBLE KICKS =

  • I’d start with a square wave on both OSC and OSC sync. OSC at least one octave apart and some detune. Or some FM. Or a detuned Hypersaw. Add unison or chorus. A good deal of distortion (e.g. carefully tuned sine fold) for added scream. A touch of delay and reverb to add bigness. Use LFOs or Envelopes to modulate pitch and detune.

    This is where all the fun starts on the Virus.

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