OS 5 Feature requests

  • I would like to ad a request,

    The Virus TI Snow and "normal" TI both use different VSTi VC software. please make 1 universal VC so we can share projects between Snow and TI users!

  • Sure iv mentioned this before but a next preset button for the Virus plugin please :)

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  • Not sure if it's been said because I've not been that active on the forums of late but I'd like to see.

    Delay effect: Stereo width to the ping pongs and the ability to modulate it. Some times I want my ping pong to ping and pong but not be full left and right.

  • ARP glide like TB-303
    YES YES YES & euhhhh YES!!!!!!!!!
    and fur sure a STABLE FIRMWARE
    because since 2006 i got it i can't remember a really 100 working system ahahahaha

  • I presume that this thread was given the title "OS 5 Feature Requests" by The_Outsider because in the thread's first post he made several unrelated requests. Some of the replies, especially early on in the thread, commented on The_Outsider's original requests. That is of course entirely appropriate. But other replies have introduced new requests that are unrelated to ones that had previuosly been discussed in the thread.

    May I suggest that, despite the all-embracing-seeming title of this thread, a new thread be started within the Feature Requests sub-forum for each new request (unless, perhaps, you have a long list of them, as The_Outdiser did)? After all, that is the purpose of the Feature Requests sub-forum. I suggest that whether or not you think your request is likely to be implemented in TIOS 4.x or 5 should have no bearing on this, again despite the reference the reference to OS 5 in this thread's title,

    Starting a new thread within Feature Requests for each new request is the approach I have taken myself. It has several advantages. It more easily draws the attention of forum browsers (including, most importantly, Access Music staffers!) to new feature requests. It encourages any subsequent discussion in the new thread to remain focused on the new request. In particular, it makes it easy for other musicians to "vote" for the new request, to hopefully help get it some priority, by posting a simple reply saying something like "I too would like to see this new feature" or "I vote for this" or even, as I have seen several times, just "+1".


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  • +1 ;)