Installation of OS5 ended prematurely

  • hey,

    can comeone please help me out with my problem?
    If i install it on my winxp 32bit sp3, then it gives the following message: "=virus ti software suite setup ended prematurely. because of an error...your system has not been modified.
    What do they meaan with not modified?
    Thanx in advance...

  • your system has not been modified.
    What do they meaan with not modified?

    It means that the installer has left the system just the way it has found it. The Virus suite was not left "half installed" on your system.
    I don't know if I can help you with the actual failure to install - but I think this usually happens with systems that have been used for a while and have gathered errors and conficts with time. Maybe a system or registry cleaner of some sort would help?

  • thx for the response flabberbob.
    I had my xp modified for making music (disabled the services that don't need to be runned, modified startup entries,registry for startup items,...the usual tweaks.)
    my system is like this for several years now,without any problem....also the updates in the past went on my system without any probs.
    Havent changed the system for a few years now...
    does it have to do with certain services or so???

  • In the download page it says this software is compatible with Windows Vista & Windows 7, I guess they've dropped support for XP now. The last one which is compatible with XP looks like

  • Google "MS Orca", Orca is a small application from Microsoft that lets you alter restrictions in msi installer packages. You can lower the OS requirements, with some luck it will work. I used it a lot when Windows 7 was relatively new and some applications just wouldn't install. There is always the chance that (because of the driver package for example) it actually just isn't compatible.

  • So does anybody have solved the problem. I got the same issue on win xp and don't want to wait til monday to get the virus working...

    EDIT: i my case the cause was that I tried it on an offline machine.

    After turning it online installation succeeded :)

  • My installation ended prematurely as well. I am running Win7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit with a Gen1 Virus TI desktop on OS 4.5.3. I am trying to install the release version 5.0.2. My install gets to the point where it asks to connect the Virus so it can load the new OS on the hardware. Then it rolls back the operation and says there was an error. I did have Windows Firewall blocking in and outbound connections and I thought since it fixed syrious's issue, I would turn it off. That didn't help. I also tried a complete removal of the Virus software from my machine and then tried installing 5.0.2 as fresh. No fix there. I tried installing 4.5.3 again (which worked flawlessly and put my Virus into update mode), then 5.0.2 over that install and still failed. I just rebuilt this machine at the beginning of December, it really can't be mucked up by anything at the moment. Something is wrong with this 5.0.2 installer if the 4.5.3 installer is still working fine.

  • Just an update on the update. I have succesfully installed 4.5.30 wihout any BSOD or end prematurely. So it is an obvious issue with the software for the latest release being corrupted.
    Glad its not an issue with my PC.
    So the boys in the back room need to work a little harder to get this new release right as there must be quite a few unhappy campers with a release that works like an Alpha .
    Snap to it boys . I'm not a happy camper :(

  • Its obviously some conflict with your PC hardware/software because i never have a problem updating/installing new OS including OS5 beta or otherwise... i always say on these occasions, do a clean re-install windows as a last resort as this will guarantee to clear any remnant files on your computer. I know its a harsh answer to what should be a n easy solution, but you can spend several hours/days trying to solve these issues, and its simply best to invest your time getting your PC to a clean state before installing virus software.

    I run win7 (64bit) and never ever had issues like some people on here, so its not access's fault it wont install on a corrupted PC is it??.. just annoys me the first person to get the stick is access!.. get your own house in order first, as MOST problems with virus are down to users PCs/Macs and not access software.

    Hope that helps...

  • No I don't think it can be a conflict as the previous version installs no issues. I unistalled it and works fine so why would there be a conflict??. The O'S was installed two months ago and I class as fresh.
    Has to be a software issue with the latest release