Win7 OS5 installation issues

  • I cant get this to install. I have tried everything. I have installed prior OS's what seems like hundreds of times, and this one just constantly backs out during the install.
    so far, i have tried:
    *completely unistalling 4.5.3 and reinstalling. backs out.
    *installing over the top of 4.5.3. backs out.
    *installing without it being connected, rebooting. "no virus ti found"
    *installing, plugging in the ti and turning it on during install while it says "now connect the ti". doesnt work.
    *uninstalling the drivers, removing the midi drivers, a few times this caused BSOD
    *uninstalling drivers inside control panel (with the yellow icon on the audio driver) and forcing driver to update. win7 says "drivers is already current".
    *changing USB ports
    *changing USB cables.

    important to note that 4.5.3 has and does work flawlessly.

    system info collected and sent to support.
    system: win7 sp1, dell t5400 xeons, onboard usb ports and external usb pci card.

    any ideas?

  • The only thing I have read in this forum that made sense regarding OS5 beta problems, was the thing about setting the buffer length of the TI and the soundcard being exactly the same. I wonder if it will solve it if you do the same: set the Virus as your soundcard, define a buffer for it such as 128, 256, 512, then get back to your original soundcard and set the same buffer size. I wonder if it is an urban myth or not.

  • flabberbob,

    I tried this experiment. This was my third time installing os 5.0.1 and trying to find a work around.

    In cubase 6.07 x64, I switched from my main audio device (steinberg mr816x) to the virus as an audio device. I noticed that the virus device was defaulted to 128 buffer setting. I then go back to my main device and set the buffer to 128.

    The crackling diminished but only for that session. Once I closed cubase and restarted, I couldn't reproduce this effect. I even changed the virus to 256 and my audio interface to 256 and the crackles remained. I shut down the computer and rebooted and still the same. I did notice that the virus 2.9 driver defaulted to 128 (even if I changed it to 256) on each startup of cubase.

    So I'm back to 4.5.3. I'll stay here for now. I've prepared some requested files for the access support team to peruse.

    I did notice that in virus driver 2.8.45 (os 4.5.3) the default buffer setting on the virus (as an audio device) was the same as what I keep my audio interface 256 .

    But In 2.9 (OS 5.0.1) the virus driver defaulted to 128 and if I changed it 256, it would reset to 128 on the next start of cubase.


  • i fixed all problems with Virus TI OS Public Beta.. i installed virus on another usb port, at tha back of my computer (theyre more powerfull..) now all good :)

    finally. :thumbup:

  • Perhaps I'm not being clear: i cannot get OS 5.0 to install at all. It backs out at the very end. I don't have the chance to change buffer sizes, etc.

    So i have to revert back to 4.5.1, which installs and works perfectly as expected.