how to synthetise kicks and hit hats with my virus?

  • There are a few kick and hi-hat patches that ship with the Virus, as well as some that are freely available as downloads from this and other sites. I recommend looking for them in the VC browser (use the search text box with the magnifying glass button to find terms such as "BD", "kick" and "hat") and picking them apart to see what makes them tick. But anyway a few basics to serve as background:
    A kick is usually made up of a quick downward pitch sweep down to low frequencies. It is usually a sine oscillator that is sweeped (e.g. the 808 kick) but sweeping a square wave will give you the signature hardstyle kick sound. adding a little bit of white noise in different flavors can add a little oomph.
    A high hat is usually made from high pass filtered white noise. You can add a high pitched ring to it to make it sound more natural.
    In both cases the amplitude envelope of the sound and of its different components plays a great role in creating a convincing sound so pay attention to it.

  • Filter the Programs for the "Drums" category and take a look. There are plenty of programs like this and then you can use the VC to create arpeggios in order to create nice drum tracks.

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  • simplest way to make a standard 909 style kick is to use either an envelope or lfo (in env mode) to control the pitch of a single sine wave.

    Im not infront of my virus right now but from memory - int patch, make sure osc balance is full left and change to a sine wave... I usualy set init phase to 100% so that the signal generated is stable and reduces unwanted clicks.

    Set lfo 1 to a saw wave and set to env mode and the two controls you want to play with is the lfo rate and the lfo1 -> osc1 pitch modulation adjustment, with some experimentation you should eventually get a sweet spot.

    Once you have it you can switch the osc from a sine wave to a square to instantly get a distorted sounding hardstyle kick.

    When im infront of my virus I will refine that to give a more precise instruction...

    Cymbols - I've personally never managed to synthesise truely good sounding cymbols direct from a synth, however I have had much better more 'metalic' sounding cymbols from fm synthesis - will have a play later and see if I can come up with anything on the virus. I really don't know what roland did to get that classic 909 cymbol!

  • Im sorry but if we are to make the effort to help you, you should make the effort to describe better what you are after... What on earth is a kick that sounds more 'actual' that means nothing to me?

    If you are talking about kicks you get with sample sets e.g. vengeance these aren't always 100% pure synthezised. They are often made with many elements that have been processed and mushed together. I hear that some are simply ripped straight off published songs also :thumbdown:

    You will not get a kick that sounds as powerfull as them straight out of a synth without pitching it, sampleing it, mixing it with other sounds ,processing with compression, transient shapers, subtle reverb etc.

    It is an art in itself which takes some practise which is why sample sets are widley available as all this careful work is done and you can focus on making the music.

    The bread and butter of many of these powerful kicks is a 909 style kick (I tried to show you how above). Ontop of this you can layer 'airy' elemnts to give it some top end 'smack' . The virus along with most typical synths can do 909 style kicks easily and simply requires practise.

  • hit hats? :) nice i wanna know that myself! how do i create hit hats :)

    Anyway, you have some nice hihats and kicks in your presets you can search them and see how they are setup by checking all the digital nobs in your plugin.
    That is the fastest way for everyone to learn how to make simular sounds.

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  • Im sorry but if we are to make the effort to help you, you should make the effort to describe better what you are after... What on earth is a kick that sounds more 'actual' that means nothing to me?

    Maybe you should go easier on a beginner who seems to be a non-native English speaker. 'Actual' may not mean much to you but it's a bona fide attempt to convey meaning all the same. In several languages (for example, German, French and, I bet, others) the cognate word means something close to 'present day' or 'up to date', so maybe the OP is looking for a 'modern' sound. Or perhaps they mean 'realistic' as in 'that sounds just like an actual kick drum'. Either way, the post makes sense without too much effort, and there's no reason to get snippy about someone's English. Particularly when your own post contains several spelling and punctuation errors that probably don't aid understanding :huh:

  • I use triangle wave to create 909 kicks. Init-Phase to 1, one of the new envelopes for example route to pitch oscillator 1 or two. play around with the amount. Notice only to use one oscillator. and play with the punch paramëter to create that click-sound. thats it.
    One trick is to set the oscillator- mode to hold, so that the sound is one-shot. and you can play it like a real 909, which is recreatet evereytime you hit a button.
    the amp envelope is to set to attacl 0, decay about 30 or so. depends on how long you want the soudn to be. and sustain and release to 0. because you are in hold mode.