Is it posible to have Virus TI control Plug-In instantiated without audio streaming, so no latency is introduced?

  • I was wondering if there is a possibility for Control Plugin to be used as control only, without introducing latency to the DAW with audio streaming functionality?
    Even in Live mode and smallest hwb size latency is unacceptable.

  • thanks man, it sucks... I do not understand why is that so difficult to do, they already have the plug-in and it is connected to the hardware.
    just shut of the audio streaming and let us have controller only!!!

  • Thats what we all need !!!

    Everybody knows that Virus TI's notorious latency problems. (I'm using a perfect setup with SSL Soundcard, Cubase 8 and a great optimized PC DAW but you cant imagine my random latency problems with USB/Plugin mode)

    If I use MIDI cable no problems...Only I had to BROWSE PRESETS manually & that is very very hard when you use your rack far away...

    Please make A NEW SOFTWARE or Update it ! We want the NO SOUND ONLY CONTROL option !


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    It cannot be difficult to make. For Access It's just admitting that TI ain't perfect after all. When more and more people face these countless latency etc. issues they still repeat this old shit: problem is with us, with our setups.

    OK I confess everything if it helps to get this update: TI is perfect, I am a technical idiot and my computer sucks. Now, give us this NO SOUND ONLY CONTROL plugin!

  • and this is only latency... we even didn't mention MIDI jitter, which can be up to 2ms with access virus TI over USB or MIDI (no difference).
    I have clavia NORD Modular and Moog Voyager and they have more stable performance over the same time stamped MIDI interface...

    I like the sound coming from TI... but this kind of issues are taking over.

  • With FL Studio I have less than 6ms latency. In most cases 3ms. LIVE mode ON.
    I use 128 samples with ASIOvAll driver - Version2.
    For rendering the song I go up to 5xx samples to let the computer more time to work.

    BTW...Virus Control transfers no sound. It is just the Midi connection between DAW and Virus Hardware and tells the DAW / ASIO driver where to look for the sound channels.

  • That would be great, except the latency does not go away when you use the analog outs with the TI plugin, which (mostly) defeats the purpose. It would be GREAT if the Virus would offer users the ability to report zero latency to the host in those cases. I would pay extra for that.

  • +1

    This is also my number one wish. If only the Virus TI would get one more feature, this should be it. I'm another user that never got Virus TI Control stable on my system (a plain Macbook Air at that). Surely Access Music recognises that the problems are not isolated incidents any more? I don't want to depend on the bandwidth of my USB controller. I just want to control my Virus with the Virus TI Control software without using integrated audio. I just want to be happy making music. Please hear us, Access Music.