Virus TI3 Ideas

  • I know it's been talked about a lot, but when I think of a Virus TI3, I think the following:

    - Everything that's in the TI/TI2
    - Add a larger screen (possibly touchscreen) for clear editing of waveforms, etc (think the new Waldorf Quantum)
    - Add Thunderbolt and/or USB3, and modify Virus Control, to transmit 16 channels of both MIDI and high-resolution Audio
    - User importable wavetables (sampling), user-creatable wavetables, using the screen
    - Some sample memory for all of this
    - Possibly a suite of sample-editing tools (tie in with the wavetable creation)
    - More knobs for surface-editing and less menu diving (maybe on the keyboard version, have the unit run the entire length of the keyboard instead of being the same size as the Desktop version; or just make them both bigger)
    - More arpeggiator options welcome
    - More filter modes/distortions
    - Built-in feedback mode (to get guitar amp-like feedback)?

    If you think about it this would be a huge upgrade, and really not that much has to change.

    Even without user wavetables/sampling, just modernizing it to carry 16 channels of audio would be a seller in itself; I would buy a TI3 if all they added was 16 channels of audio along with the MIDI, and changed nothing else.

  • Access You can make 2 or 3 versions of the virus, expensive for performances (with keyboard and buttons), and cheap for studio work (without buttons), or even as it was in the form of powercore, pcie, or in a small desktop \ rack box via usb 2\3, thunderbolt. etc. Even it will be not virus ti 3, i think it could increase your sales. My virus powercore is so stable, i wish it was virus ti on pcie.

  • "User importable wavetables (sampling)"

    Importing wavetables for wavetable synthesis and sampling are two different things, I would love it if Access came out with a true sampler, running a sample-clip of a vocal through all the Filters, Envelopes, LFOs and effects etc.. it could get crazy. you can do that to an extent using the inputs and then recording the result into an audio interface.. not quite a sampler though.

  • Feature request:

    - as listed above

    - some great functions from Elektron Overbridge, for eg.: Total Integration (audio over USB, etc...)

    - the parts could be routed into different channels in the daw (so we can put different effects onto them)

    - graphical eq on each part

    - MORE DSP POWER! Ok, if the desktop has 16 part, but it crashes after tow, and not able to handle more at the same time. Todays technology is way more ahead, there are more powerful chips, so I don't understand why not to put 4-8 into the synth...

    - ability to use TI as an fx in the daw. It would be nice if I can put it onto an other rack to use it's reverb for eg.

  • The free MODALapp brings the comfort of screen-based editing on your computer or mobile device. Available as a standalone app for macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS or Android systems and in VST3 and AU plug-in formats it is the perfect companion for synth enthusiasts looking to deep dive to all sound forming and performance parameters to create their own signature sounds, and to backup and manage patches and sequences.

    If TI3 is developed, why not emulate this feature?