Installation of OS5 ended prematurely

  • Yes but not necessarily virus software fault... why does mine always install ok?? its some conflict with existing drivers, or install files... clean install windows, install ALL windows updates, ALL USB driver updates, Graphics card updates, as if it were a new PC, then and only then install the latest virus updates. If that does not work, i will eat my hat and give in and admit defeat.. 8)

    Yes, i agree, you shouldnt have to do this, but everyones PC/Mac set up is different and access (or any other company) has no way of knowing every single users set up do they?.. you could have a peripheral causing conflict with virus drivers.. i have seen people on these forums having problems because their anti virus software sees the word "virus" in a file and stops installing causing problems, try switching your anti virus software off (if you have it.. which i hope you do) while installing VC.

    Good luck 8)

  • Why would the previous update work and not the latest?? Can't be a conflict if installer is the same. I understand where you are coming from but the install is 2 months old and is a dedicated Music PC with no other crap installed on it. I thought the same as you but after the previous update installs with no issue all I can think it has to be a problem with the latest update.

  • I have managed to rollback to the previous version and the control panel and updater work fine. The VST for my DAW doesn't work but really who has got theirs working anyway.
    So I will keep the previous version 4.5.30 and just record line outs to my DAW like I do with my hardware synths and have done with the virus all along.
    Its a shame as some of the new features could be useful, but I'd rather have the TI working rather than not.
    Thanks for all the suggestions and help and again pity it didn't work

  • Its obviously some conflict with your PC hardware/software because i never have a problem updating/installing new OS including OS5 beta or otherwise... i always say on these occasions, do a clean re-install windows as a last resort as this will guarantee to clear any remnant files on your computer. I know its a harsh answer to what should be a n easy solution, but you can spend several hours/days trying to solve these issues, and its simply best to invest your time getting your PC to a clean state before installing virus software.

    I run win7 (64bit) and never ever had issues like some people on here, so its not access's fault it wont install on a corrupted PC is it??.. just annoys me the first person to get the stick is access!.. get your own house in order first, as MOST problems with virus are down to users PCs/Macs and not access software.

    Hope that helps...

    My day job has been working in IT for the last 15 years. If you look at my post on page 2, the machine I am installing TI OS5 on was JUST rebuilt with a fresh install of Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. There is nothing on this machine but pro audio hardware and software. The installer for 4.5.3 works just fine. Believe me, there is something wrong with this installer. Maybe not for everyone, but in some situations.

  • I have the same problem, as the author of the topic. On MAC OS it is
    installed and updated without problems. On Windows the first
    installation of the version was successful, I enjoyed the virus
    without any problems. Further, decided to install a version
    During the installation of the latest version of the firmware, the
    installer offered me to make changes (optimization) in the system or not
    to change anything. I put a checkmark in order to optimize the system,
    then a BSOD. After reboot I tried again to install, but the
    installer to optimize the system no longer asked, he further informed me
    that the Installation of OS5 ended prematurely.

    After all this I installed a version of, which works with my virus well

    Question: what changes has the optimization of the system in my Windows 7 and how to cure it? ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?(

  • Sorry to drag up old thread but still having the same issue with trying to get new installer working. I can't remember what I did but it did work 6 months ago but stopped . I would have thought Access would have a fix for this by now . I have sent a ticket in to have someone get back to me in the next four weeks but was hoping some one here would have a solution.
    I have uninstalled and deleted files from the System 32 repository and checked the registry but to no avail.
    Can someone that now what they are doing PLEASE HELP.
    Can't really wait 4 weeks for support to get back to me

  • The de installation guide is useless in this circumstance. I did mange to find a fix which No ONE on this thread has suggested after 4 hours.

    You do not need to roll back . You do not need to Fresh install windows or delete anything. The problem is the software package and the previous versions .

    The easy fix is to Install the version you want and put the VST's where you want them,

    BUT DO NOT CONNECT your Virus when asked. Complete the install without connecting your virus.

    After the restart click OK after it has not found the virus and wait until PC is normal , THEN CONNECT the Virus.

    THE USB drivers will install and all should be good to go.

    If it has issues finding the drivers then you manually install them. At least the software is installed and you can look for the drivers (3 sets) in the Access folder and do then manually.

    Much better than being frustrated for hours or waiting 2 weeks for Tech support to let you know it is YOUR problem not their software.

    The drivers are not that difficult to install. Took me 5 minutes after spending nearly 4 hours trying to install dodgy software.

    I am not an isolated case going by this old thread and had the same issue 9 months ago but forgot what the fix was as NO ONE has posted what I have done to fix this software glitch.

    I have now updated to 5.03 and have the TI working in my DAW. ( wont try 5.04 till the bugs are ironed out).

    Hopefully this helps those with the same issue and lack of easy fix :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • You sir are a legend, been without my virus for weeks and no help anywhere else online it seems, thank you!

    I think Access should share the previous comment as I'm sure there are a lot of other frustrated users out there.