Any TI + iPad + LogicProX users here? Check Logic Remote if so!

  • Hey all, posted this on Logic forums too.

    Just thought I'd pop a post here to make a suggestion. If you're in need of a brilliant control surface, and you have an iPad, you really must take a look at the Logic Remote app. I had used it about a year or so ago, but didn't really invest enough quality time using it to figure out exactly what it was capable of, so just used it as a glorified mixer etc. How wrong I was!

    Currently, I am finding myself wanting to experiment and play around with with sequencers etc, and thought I'd take a look at what sequencer apps are available for the iPad. So a few nights ago I was messing on my TI, remembered Logic Remote, so fired it up to see what I could re-discover. WOW! I was aware of the mixer and other pages and simple controls within Logic Remote, but what I was not aware of is the fact that using Logic Remote I have access to ALL the synth parameters in the selected synth/softsynth track - right under my fingertips!!!

    I discovered this by accident really. When in mixer view, I spotted the 'VirusTI' instrument name, which when you click on in within Logic opens up the Virus Control (or specific synth control if using any other synth for example), but when you double tap it on the iPad, it opens up pages containing all the synth parameters (you know what I mean, cutoff1, cutoff2, osc pitch, portamento and all the others et al...) for you to edit!!

    I was amazed... right there, in front of me, were ALL the parameters on the TI patch, available to me in REAL TIME, WOW! Pages and pages of them, all adjustable with ease using sliders. Now I know these parameters are available via the dials and buttons on the front of the synth itself, and also in Virus Control in ones DAW when it is open, but to also have this available on the iPad is immense. Plus it sets all this up over a WiFi MIDI port, with no cables from iPad to Mac needed at all. Brilliant, just brilliant.

    Also... If you play the piano keyboard on the iPad, the MIDI data is sent to the selected Logic track too!!

    If you haven't used this, and you have an iPad, I seriously suggest you take a look! Shout if you don't have an iPad but are considering purchasing one and want more info, I am happy to pop up some screenshots and explain more if needed.

  • Thanks for this! The sliders are a bit crude but they get the job done, I always have my iPad running logic remote in front of my Polar now. IMO this is the best way to use Access TI as the plugin GUI is just way too small and Access doesn't seem to care about addressing this issue. Or better yet would be if they would release Virus Control + Plug in as a stand alone iPad app!

  • MainStage limited to 8 smart controls of your choice... to assign controller open the VC VST, right click on controller of your choice and "add to Automation" then it will be added to the MainStage controller list that you can assign as a smart controller.