Virus TI not compatible with MacOS Catalina / Big Sur

  • Three months silence in this topic....

    How does the MysteryIslands solution works for you guys?

    Is that a way to go? If I would choose that method, I don't know how to recall the old projects.

    You can download our demo and see how it our editor works out. :)

  • Is it a known issue that the Mystery Islands / AURA plug-in solution introduces A LOT of latency? I sort of got it to working on a test computer (2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro), but the latency is awful, rendering it useless. Still rocking Mojave on the music desktop...

  • I'm just posting here to throw my name in the hat as I've now got an M1 Macbook Air. I've yet to test the Mystery Island plugin, but for now, my Virus is on my Windows workstation and is becoming the one thing making it tough for me to decide on whether I build a new studio PC or upgrade to Mac Studio.

    I like the Virus Ti2 Desktop in my studio and would like to use it for live performance, but it has been so tempting to sell and stick with soft synths in its place and replace it with a different hard synth.

    Fingers crossed that Access might have something up their sleeve. I know their support does seem to exist having had to deal with them already, but there are a few quirks that I'm just hoping to see fixed, both in OS compatibility and bugs in the DSP, like issues with delays on analog outputs.

    EDIT: I do have to say that I do like the Mystery Island solution using aggregated audio interfaces in MacOS. I tried using the ASIO4ALL plugin for Windows with no success. The only reason I considered it for Windows is I also have a Yamaha MODX6 in my studio which has it's own built in audio interface, so I'm using aggregated audio on MacOS to address all 6 inputs on the Virus and all 10 inputs on the MODX. Aside from ASIO4ALL not working for me at all, it only saw 2 inputs on the MODX when I want a bit more discreet audio inputs on the MODX. So far I've been able to successfully use all USB audio inputs from the Virus as well as all audio inputs from the MODX on MacOS. Not on Windows, so looks like my decision is starting to be made for me on a desktop upgrade.

  • Still nothing from Access, but the third-party success is making them look even worse… I’m eager to try out the MI solution when I get to a new machine. I’ve been stuck on an old iMac for a long time now and it’s painful to be stuck in old software, even as I lament the loss of software and drivers for hardware in abandoned products like so many that I own…

  • That thread should be renamed "Virus TI not compatible with MacOS Catalina / Big Sur / Monterey / Ventura"...

    „Virus TI not compatible with any macOS released since 2018“

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  • Still nothing from Access, but the third-party success is making them look even worse… I’m eager to try out the MI solution when I get to a new machine. I’ve been stuck on an old iMac for a long time now and it’s painful to be stuck in old software, even as I lament the loss of software and drivers for hardware in abandoned products like so many that I own…

    I feel ya. The Virus TI has been a staple in my productions since 2014 and since there’s no way to open them on newer Macs I kept my old INTEL Macbook for this.

    The way forward with Apple is Apple Silicon, and MI / Auraplugins is currently the only workable solution on there.

    If you choose to stay with Mac, at some point you’ll have to update, so you might as well get used to using MI.

    I myself will probably ditch the Virus completely at some point, as I’m now emulating a Virus B. The M1 Macs are fast enough for this. :)

  • What I don't understand is that they just release the code for the plugin.
    There are enough software wizards out there that fix this in no time..

    So please owners of Access Virus.. If U are not able to di the job, let somewhere other help U out!

    Maybe an Idea to start a crowdfunding if there is no budget to do it..
    Shall I start it for U?



  • I'm now thinking of upgrading up from Big Sur and leaving my Virus TI behind. I can't use the latest version of Logic and Kontakt just because of that issue with the Virus. I tried the Mystery-Islands workaround but it's not as elegant as the Virus TI plug-in and not good enough for my needs.

    I won't sell my Virus for now in case the Access team decides to work on a new driver. But they don't even bother answering emails anymore, so that's not a good sign.

    In the meantime, if any of you guys would like to do a crowdfunding of some sort I'm in! Or maybe there's a way to do a class action against Access?

  • we must fight them, time is for class action !!!!

    we wont pay for an app who is very expensive and should be free !!!!! someone who is or not external of access makes money ....when software should be update for free, especially when this machine TI2 is still in shop ... no more sold i could understand ...

    PC you can BUT MAC you cant ... absurdity.

    in 2028 you will be here again to complain.... MI no way.


  • An option I would consider if I were Access and did want to continue supporting the synth would be to partner with Aura Plug-ins. They have this working well, and would only need some effort to meet the higher UI standards of the TI plug-in.

    I have a hard time believing a class action suit will be successful, and even it were, it would take years. By that time, all of this will be irrelevant.

    My intuition is that Kemper doesn’t know what he wants to do for the future in the Profiler or Access categories. I may be wrong (I don’t follow what’s going on with the Profiler), but it seems that product has also become somewhat static and is beginning to fall behind competitors like Neural with their Quad Cortex. Likely the DSP chip in the Profiler is also nearing end of life and can’t be easily upgraded. If it’s coded in assembler, moving to a new DSP architecture means rewriting everything from scratch.

  • MagicJukebox what about the Aura plug-in doesn’t work for you? Just curious…

    Simple: it doesn't do audio via USB. I bought the Access Virus TI specifically for its Total Integration capability. The thing is I have a lot of old external synths connected to my audio interface. I don't have any more inputs for the Virus.

    It's not a Virus TI anymore, it's a Virus BI (Broken Integration), and I'm not happy about it because:

    1. I paid a big price for Total Integrationm and I lost years of not using my expensive Virus. The problem started in 2019. We're now in 2022.

    2. Access kept copy/pasting the same generic answer to everyone who inquired about Mac support:

    "Thank you for your email. We're sorry to say but we do not have any news in regards to macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur compatibility at this point. We will post news once we have any.

    With best regards,

    Access Music Support"

    3. Now they don't bother replying and are ignoring their customers.

    4. Access is still selling the Virus, and advertising it as TI: "VIRUS TOTAL INTEGRATION™ technology to seamlessly integrate it in to a DAW based workflow" on their site. This is complete BS for Mac users. And after verification that is 100% illegal, at least where I live.

    5. If only they had the decency to apologize and be transparent about the issue. But that's not how they proceed. Read the comments on their Facebook page, you will see they never reply to anyone.

    I'm usually not one to complain, but this whole situation is a TM (Total Mess). I'm surprised none of the big magazine (Future Music, Computer Music, etc.) are talking about this. We should ask them to investigate and try to get real answers from Access.

  • MagicJukebox, I am quoting the email I just received seconds ago from Jani of Aura Plug-ins:

    Hi Dov,

    Yes our product works on macOS 10.15 and greater (intel or arm) with USB audio and MIDI.

    Here is the guide:…b-audio-with-every-macos/

    Kind regards,

    Jani Kervinen

    AURA Plugins Team

    Access’s lack of support for their product is maddening, especially because they continue to sell it!

    That said, the Virus is truly incomparable. With Aura Plug-Ins’ product, it continues to do what it was designed to do.